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By _kb_

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Category: Alternate Universe, Post-Hogwarts
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Luna Lovegood
Genres: Drama, Fluff
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: R
Reviews: 3
Summary: After the final battle, Harry and Ginny try to pick up where they left off, but that doesn’t go so well. Luna intervenes to get things back on track.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
A bit of fluff that’s not about Harry having to kill a dark wizard.



Ginny Weasley walked into the Great Hall at Hogwarts wearing some nice dark blue dress robes and her public face. She looked relaxed and had a slight smile on her face, despite her slight desire not to be here this evening … or really her desire not to see one person. A glance around showed he was missing and since she was a good 15 minutes late she assumed he probably wouldn’t be here so she relaxed for real. A wave from a friend caused her to walk that way.

“Hi Ginny!” and a wave from someone.

“Ginny!” with a raised glass and a nod from another.

She smiled and nodded back as she’d been trained to do for public appearances.

“Ginny,” her friend gave her a light hug.

“Luna,” she hugged the blonde back.

“I’m glad you could make it,” the blonde told her. “I missed you at school for our last year.”

“It’s good to see you again too. There are some people I’d like to see here at the party for the first anniversary of the Final Battle, but there are a few I’d rather miss too. It was a close call,” Ginny explained as another person she didn’t recognize waved at her and she waved back. She saw Ron and Hermione across the room; she’d go over to say hello after talking to Luna.

“I suppose one of the downsides of being famous,” Luna replied as she pushed a small brightly colored wrapped box into the redhead’s hands. “Take this gift, it’s the key to something you’ll need later. I also promise I’m the only one who’s touched the contents so you can trust what’s in it.”

Despite the promise, Ginny still looked at the gift a little warily … the suspicion of gifts came with her job. She looked around again and saw someone she’d rather avoid. “Has Malfoy been behaving himself?”

“Mostly, but I don’t think the Wracksports have fully dealt with him yet,” Luna replied and frowned as Dean Thomas was eyeing the pair, and specifically her redheaded friend.

“At least Harry isn’t here,” Ginny said softly as she continued to look around.

“You need to forgive him; it was a bad situation for each of you and I think he’s worked through it now,” Luna pointed out.

“After what he said to me?” Ginny shot back.

“He told me you said some pretty bad things to him also.” Luna looked at her pointedly and Ginny didn’t reply but looked down. “However, I think it can still be fixed and it needs to be.”

Ginny looked up as her friend took one step back. “Needs to be? No, it doesn’t need to be fixed.”

Luna nodded with a sad smile. “Yes, it does need to be fixed and this is your chance. Be sure to read the note inside.” She touched her wand to her watch and there was a sudden pop.

A wild looking Harry Potter suddenly appeared right next to Ginny. Beyond the even wilder than normal looking hair, he was wearing a jersey that said “Harpies” on the front side and a big number 11 on the back with “Wesley” above the number … and that was all he appeared to wearing as he had a hold of the bottom hem and was tugging it down so it that it covered his privates-- barely.

“Seriously?!” Harry shouted at Luna when he saw her.

Luna reached out and shoved him towards Ginny. Each reflectively put a hand out to avoid a major collision. When they touched, Luna shot another spell at the gift Ginny was holding and the pair disappeared in a loud pop. She looked even more pleased as she bent down and picked up a wand and clothing from the floor.

” ” ”

The pair popped into the living room that each recognized instantly from having been there before.

“Why the hell did you get her to do this?” Ginny yelled at her former boyfriend before she recognized her condition from the draft and looked down. “And taking my clothes and wand? I’m going to get you for this!” She stepped forward in just her underwear with her right fist going back.

“Wait!” Harry yelled and managed a step backward, still holding onto the bottom of the slightly too short jersey. “I didn’t do anything and how do I know you didn’t make Luna do this?”

Ginny’s fist was still raised, but she stopped advancing and stared at him. “I sure didn’t arrange this and you arriving wearing my jersey looks like you planned something.”

Harry found a high backed chair and sidled around behind it to hide his dignity a little better. Putting his hands on the top of it he said, “All right, I think I’m starting to understand a little. If you didn’t plan this and I can assure you that I didn’t plan this, then it’s all Luna’s plan.”

“Then how come you’re wearing that, which looks like my official jersey, not a replica they sell?” she accused him.

Harry sighed. “Look, I was sitting in a pub, in disguise. Luna walked up to me and said ”There’s a problem you need to fix.” Her hand touched my arm and we were Portkey’d away where she stunned me. I woke up in a locked room dressed like this on a cot and the only other thing there was a note. The note told me to be ready when I was called to fix a problem because the future depended on it. That’s all I know about tonight. I hadn’t even planned to go to the party.”

Ginny dropped her arm and stared at him. “Luna and I have had a few talks, but she’s never been adamant about anything. She just listened. So why would she do this?” the redhead asked suspiciously.

Harry shrugged. “I don’t really know.” He sighed. “After we found out what had happened and our fight, Luna found me a couple of days later and we talked for almost a full day. She mostly listened to my rantings, but she did stand up for you and set me straight on a few things … or at least she tried. I’ll admit it took me a couple of months to understand what had happened to us and then a few more to not blame you. But by then, too much time had passed for us to really talk about it all.”

He sighed again. “Look, in all honesty, I’m really sorry for all of the things I blamed you for and said. It wasn’t your fault; you were as much of a victim as I was.

“Maybe this is what Luna wanted, for you hear me say that, and I really do mean it. If nothing else, I’d like us to at least be friends again because I do miss that with you. I don’t like avoiding you or you having to avoid me.”

Ginny stared at him for a long moment and finally nodded. “Thank you, that helps a lot. I’ll admit it took me couple of months to work through what had happened to us. I said some things, all right, a lot of things I shouldn’t have. I’m truly sorry for hurting you with what I said. You’re right, I was a victim as you were. As for being friends again,” she paused, ”I suppose I’m open to that or at least I’m willing to give it a try as long as you make an honest effort. I haven’t liked avoiding you either.”

Harry smiled slightly. “That’s reasonable and I will try as I’m sure you will.”

She nodded.

“What’s in the box you’re holding?” he asked.

Ginny lifted the wrapped box that had been in her left hand and forgotten about. “I don’t know, Luna gave it to me and said it was something I’d need later.” She used a fingernail to split the tape holding it together and lifted the lid off. ”There’s a note and--” Ginny froze as she pulled the note out and held up the box so he could see.

“Four potions,” Harry said softly. “Why would she do that?!”

“Luna said she made what was in here and I could trust them, but I don’t trust them,” she said as she recovered her wits.

“I’m right there with you after what happened to us,” he agreed quickly. “What does the note say?”

Ginny put the box of potions down and unfolded the note.

Ginny and Harry,

I do hope you heed what I say say in here and that you’re thinking isn’t too muddled. Yes, I did give you four potions and you can trust them; I made them myself with nothing extra in them. They are a contraceptive potion, a female lubrication potion, and two stamina potions. I’m sure you can figure out when to take them. These will help with the main goal.

The goal of your adventure is to put some wrongs behind you and to get things back on track. In confidence, I’ve told each of you my secret. I give you permission to talk to the other about it, and each other only! If you think about it, you know I must be correct that this needs to happen.

I know you each regret what was said between you. Please tell each other that and then take it from here, the potions can help with that. And speaking of seeing things, that contraceptive potions is there for a reason, so take it Ginny or you won’t be playing for the Harpies next season.

There is food in the cold cabinet. The house is locked down and very protected, so you can’t leave and no one can get in for the next 24 hours. That means you can do whatever you want wherever you want to work your problems out and fix your relationship. I’ll return at 9pm tomorrow evening to let you leave. Don’t worry about Daddy, he’s gone for the week.

Oh, the downstairs is open to you as is my room two floors up. The rest of the house is locked up for your safety. Do have fun in a good way to restart your relationship and I’ll see you tomorrow evening.

Your friend, Luna

When Ginny finished reading, she looked across the room. “Well, I guess that explains a few things, not that I’m comfortable with all of it.”

“I agree with you.” Harry paused. “Can we also agree to at least being friends and take her idea of exploring to see if we can be more again? I still do like you.”

Ginny looked at the note again before dropping it on the box. “I agree to being friends and talking about a possible us, but no to doing anything that would cause us to need those potions.”

“By exploring I meant talking, so I can agree. While I wouldn’t mind having a need for those potions,” he said with a smile, “I can agree we don’t need to do that either.”

“So you want to get into my knickers too?” she asked sarcastically.

“They are very nice knickers, as is the bra. I think the dress you had was nice too even if I only had a glance at it. I’d love for you to wear it again sometime so I can get a proper look. Maybe on a date if we can work that out,” he suggested.

She blushed a little. “Thanks, and I loved those dress robes so Luna better be able to return them; and the shoes, I liked those too.”

“And the wands,” he added, glad he’d had only his Phoenix feather wand and not the Elder wand on him when she’d surprised him.

“Yes, those too,” she agreed. “Speaking of robes, maybe we can go search for some clothes or something.”

“That’d be a really good idea. Your jersey is pretty short for me and it’s all that I have on,” he told her.

“Well, I’m not very tall,” she said with a smile and then lost it. “So we have a problem. You won’t want to go up the stairs first,” he shook his head, ”and I don’t want to either.”

At his “Why?” she turned sideways and there were no knickers to be seen other than the top band before she turned back. “If you want no lines, there can’t be anything there so I’d be showing you all of my arse,” she pointed out.

“Such a lovely one too,” Harry said with a smile.

Ginny snorted. “Are you willing to show me yours?” she challenged.

“It would be sporting of me to match, but you have something covering your bits and I don’t,” he returned.

“Just tuck those bits up under the front and hold that down and don’t worry about the back and we’ll be even,” she teased. “You first to prove you mean it.”

He rolled his eyes, but adjusted himself and walked out from behind the chair. “Happy?” he asked as he gave her a side view.

“Not bad, Potter, but go on up first.” She motioned at the stairs.

Harry walked around the furniture and headed up the stairs. On the first landing, he saw a door and tried it, but found it locked. “Not her room then, so after you.” He waved at stairs with a smile.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Fine,” before headed upwards.

Harry got his first look at a girl wearing a thong from the back side and he approved of it on Ginny. In fact… “Nice arse indeed, Ginny; overall form is really good too. I’ve always liked your long red hair too, the loose braid looks good on you. Then again, I thought you were cute when you were ten, and turning pretty in your fifth year. At almost eighteen you’re really good looking and I do mean that honestly.”

Ginny stopped on the next landing which had an open door and turned to look at him. “Thanks, Harry. Courtesy of Gwenog Jones, I’ve put a lot of work into getting into this shape so I appreciate the compliment without the leer. I think this is the room we want.”

They strode in and it did look like a girl’s room to Harry. There were two other doorways: one an opening and one with a closed door.

Ginny said, “Bathroom” as she passed the open doorway and headed to the closed door. It wouldn’t budge though. She bent down a little and peered closely. “It looks locked, so that’s probably the closet. I don’t see a dresser, so I’d guess she moved that into the closet so we couldn’t find anything there either. Ugh!”

“Maybe a towel?” Harry wondered and walked into the bathroom. There wasn’t much there and the shelf where the towels should have been was empty. “Nothing for us here either. You know what this means don’t you?”

“That Luna really wants us to shag as she thinks that will get us back together,” Ginny groused.

“I can understand that line of thinking,” Harry paused at seeing an unhappy look from Ginny, “but we don’t have to do that; we’re better than that.”

She nodded finally. “Thanks.”

“Err, I never really had a chance to eat dinner since I was kidnapped for this. Would you be willing to fix something? Please?” he asked as politely as he could.

Ginny looked at him and smiled. “I guess I can understand that since you effectively only have one hand. Come on.” She turned and headed for the stairs.

Harry was happy to follow her, enjoying the sight. “If I can ask, you seem to be a lot more comfortable in our state of undress than I am.”

Ginny looked over her shoulder briefly with a smile at the landing before continuing down. “I’ve spent most of a year in a locker room with a bunch of other women who don’t mind being starkers around each other. I’ll admit that it’s influenced me somewhat. That doesn’t mean I’d do this publicly, but in a private setting with others I know very well, I’m not as bothered by it as I would have been a year ago. Although, I will have to say that normally I wouldn’t do this in front of you, except we’re forced into this so here we are.”

“You’ve changed a lot in since we broke up,” he said as they entered the kitchen. Harry found a chair at a table he could sit in and hide his lower half.

“I had to grow up a lot and fast,” she admitted as she looked in the cold cabinet. “Here’s a chicken and rice dish, will that work?”

“Sure, thanks!”

She pulled it out and placed it in the oven and pushed a button that started heating it. “Good thing I don’t need a wand to work this like some require.”

Ginny grabbed a couple of glasses of water and handed him one before taking a seat at the other end of the table. “To recap, after the battle we were together for a month before the shit hit the fan and our relationship went to hell in its own hand basket.”

Harry snorted.

“It was the right time for the walk on tryouts and so I did it thinking I had nothing to lose and got lucky with the Harpies. Sure, I’m on the reserve team, but I’m on the team and I got to play in some games last season and I have a shot at moving to the starter team this next season.”

Harry nodded. “I knew you made the team as it was in the newspaper and well, Ron told me too. He’s pretty proud of you. I also attended one of your games. You were amazing.”

She was surprised. “You did?”

“Yeah, I’d mostly worked through my issues by then and wanted to see you play. It was against the Cannons so you did really well,” he told her.

“Ron never mentioned that.”

“I didn’t tell him I went as I went by myself. I considered trying to find you after the game but I chickened out as I was afraid I’d say something stupid and I didn’t want to cause a scene for you. It was also just after that article about you and some Italian player so I didn’t want to intrude.”

“Ah, Marcos, it was only one date and he was surprisingly helpful despite what happened.” A soft bell interrupted Ginny so she got up. Pulling the food out of the oven, she put some on two plates with forks and brought them over, giving the larger helping to Harry. “I ate a little earlier, but this does smell good.”

“Thanks,” he told her and tried a taste. “It is good. So, why was Marcos helpful and only one date? You’re a beautiful girl and expect you to have lots of offers.”

Ginny smiled. “I do get lots of offers, very few of which are genuine. I can now appreciate your life a lot better and your the need for a private life. But Marcos seemed genuine and so I went on a date with him. Let’s say that he tried to take a small advantage he shouldn’t have. I wasn’t overly upset because I’d sort of expected him to try something, but the result was completely unexpected.”

Harry looked very interested. “And?”

“The part of me he tried to grab felt like it was on fire, and he experienced the same with his hand. The sensation only lasted for a few seconds for each of us, but it really got our attention. He was nice enough to help me figure out that I’d been cursed.” Her eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t know anything about a curse on me that prevents me from doing more than kissing, would you? Be honest.”

Harry was shocked. “I would only know about that curse because it’s been applied to me too and I also found out the hardway.”

“Luna!” they each said together.

“After all her shenanigans, no matter how well she means, I’m starting to have visions of a revenge prank,” Harry told her.

“I think I’d be open to assisting,” she smirked. “Good, I was hoping you hadn’t really done that and, honestly, didn’t think you had as it didn’t seem like something you’d do.”

“Thanks,” he told her before looking at his plate guiltily. “I’m sorry to say that I considered you doing that to me and couldn’t decide if you really had; but I let it go because I thought that if you had done it that I deserved it for what I said to you.”

Ginny sighed. “Harry, I was … beyond upset after our fight, but I’d never do something like that to you.”

Harry looked up more relaxed. “Thank you.”

“Here, let me put this in the sink then I have to go upstairs,” she told him as she stood to grab their empty plates.

It took a moment, but Harry caught on. “Oh, right, I’ll come up as I need to go too … after you,” he added the last part hastily.

She chuckled. “Too right it won’t be with me. In fact, just stay here for a minute or two then you can come up since Luna removed the door to the bathroom.”

“Sure,” he agreed and watched her walk away, admiring her very nice derriere and legs.

After what felt like long enough, he walked up the stairs still holding the jersey down in front of him. When he reached the doorway to the room he heard Ginny call out. “Harry?”


Will you go back down to the first landing and wait until I call? Please?” she pleaded.

“Err, sure.” He wondered why as he turned and went back down. Upon reaching the landing to Xeno’s room he called out, “OK!”

He heard a noise above that sounded like running and then an “All right, you can come up!”

Going up and he found Ginny in bed with the covers up to her shoulders. “I though we’d talk some more, but if you’re tired I guess it can wait.”

“I’m not tired yet, it’s just that Luna has struck again.” At his perplexed looked she added, “The toilet is charmed to remove your clothes when you sit on it so now I have nothing to wear, unless you’d like to give me my jersey.”

Harry was momentarily speechless and just stood there for a long moment. “You know, in some ways she’s making this harder for us, not easier.”

Ginny nodded. “She probably hoped we’d be like teens and jump each other, but we’ve both grown up more than she’s expected, or so I think. So what have you been doing since we split? I haven’t seen anything in the newspaper and only rumors from friends, and that includes Ron and Hermione.”

“Can you look away for a moment please?” he asked.

“Oh, sure.” She did a half roll to look to the other side of the room.

Harry jumped into bed and covered himself. “There, it’s safe.” When she rolled back, he turned on his side towards her and propped his head up and she copied him.

“I guess you could say I’ve been doing consulting work for most of the last year,” he explained. “Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m an Auror or an Unspeakable as I work for both departments as needed; that’s why it’s so hush hush. It’s also Kingsley’s way of protecting me as a thank you for getting rid of Voldemort. I also get lent out to other countries at times when their Aurors are stumped and they want a fresh pair of eyes to look at something. I also get a lot of time to myself and I’ve been studying so I can take my NEWTs, probably next spring.”

“Interesting. Yeah, I’ve been doing self study for the seventh year that I missed and I’d like to take my NEWTs next spring too. I have time to do the reading when we travel for games, but doing the practical is a lot harder by yourself,” she admitted.

“Yeah, I can understand. I have a few people I can train with, so it’s not as hard for me, and well, the practical has always been easier for me so I have to spend longer on the theory,” he explained. ”I’ve been working with George on potions and he’s been really helpful.”

“Oh, he hasn’t said anything to me,” she said, sounding put out.

“Because I asked him not to.” Harry looked apologetic. “I didn’t want to cause any problems for him or you.”

“Oh,” she replied contritely. “Harry, why haven’t we tried talking like this before. It’s going well.”

Harry blew out a breath of air and rolled to his back to stare at the ceiling. “The obvious reasons, some of which we’ve already named. We each needed time to work through what happened. I don’t like to admit it, but we each needed to grow up some more despite what we’d gone through at Hogwarts and our jobs did that to us, or at least mine made me grow up more. After we’d done that, enough time had passed that it was embarrassing to come find you and talk … or it felt that way for me.” He turned his head and looked at her.

“Yeah, it’s hard to say it but I agree. It would have felt like I was admitting I was wrong and I couldn’t do that,” she said quietly.

“Exactly; pride. So in a sense I appreciate what Luna has done, but I really wished she’d done it differently.” Harry blew out another breath. “Of course, there’s also the proverbial elephant in the room that we’ve both been avoiding mentioning all night.” He looked over again to see her roll onto her back, the sheet firmly over her breasts and under her arms showing some muscular shoulders.

“I suppose we have,” she admitted finally. “I left the night I found out what my mother had done and I haven’t spent the night in The Burrow since. I have gone back once to visit Dad, but I never drank or even ate anything there. Now I get Dad to meet me somewhere else so I don’t have to see Mum. To think that she’d given us each a love potion, I…” She put her hands over her face and cried quietly, obviously reliving the moment of finding out.

Harry put a hand out and touched her shoulder, wishing he could pull her into a hug. “Then I had to go make it worse by accusing you of being in on it. I’m so sorry, Ginny.”

“It took me a while, but I understand,” was said muffled through her hands. “Merlin, I was so angry when you said that, but I now understand. Some of my actions when I was younger didn’t help either.”

“You had a crush on me, but I wasn’t bothered by that,” Harry told her. “I think my problem was I believed some rumors I should have ignored. They gave me doubts when I should have trusted you. But after we found out your mum had given us each a love potion, I understand why we had issues trusting anything including each other. It was a difficult time for each of us, just after the war when we’d been apart for most of a year too so that didn’t help.”

“It was, but you’re right that we should have trusted each other. I should have tried harder to make you understand, but I didn’t,” she told him as she grabbed the corner of the sheet to wipe her face dry.

“It’s in the past; let’s let it go and just be friends again, maybe more. I like this new Ginny,” he told her with smile as he rolled back to face her.

She forced a smile and rolled back to face him too. “I think I’d like that. I’d also like it if you’d let me use my jersey. I’d like to go wash my face.”

“Sure.” Harry sat up and grabbed the bottom. He pulled it off and was surprised as he watched it shrink down to doll sized in his hand. “What the bloody hell?”

“Luna!” Ginny screamed in frustration.

“I’m sorry,” Harry said quietly. “I guess we’re in the same boat now. Hey, could we use the sheet or bed spread to wrap around ourself?”

“No, I already tried and they are firmly stuck to the end of the bed. Getting in is the only covering I’ve found,” she told him. “Damn. All right, Harry, we’re going to have get friendlier, but I’m still against shagging.”

“I know, it’s feels forced and as much as I’d love to shag you, I’d rather it be different circumstances,” he told her sincerely.

“Thanks,” she replied, sounding very appreciative. “Well, you might as well get a good look and I’m going to want the same,” she teased.

“Fair is fair, I suppose,” not looking forward to the event in his near future.

Ginny pulled the sheet back and walked to the bathroom. The scene as about as before, minus the underwear that hadn’t covered much. After she washed her face, she used a little toilet paper to dry off and then came and stood in the doorway, presenting herself. “Well?”

Harry had to work not to gape as he looked her over. “I’m stuck between beautiful and stunning, or maybe hot is better.”

She blushed slightly. “Thank you, and thank you for not making a big deal about this. Of course, now it’s your turn for a show.”

“I’m not making a big deal out of it because it’s true; I find you hot and I’d love to shag you, but I’ve got enough restraint to wait until it’ll mean more that just a quick one,” he said.

“You just scored some points, Harry, but I’m still waiting for my look,” she told him expectantly.

He pulled back the sheet and stood to look at her. “Sorry for the reaction, but I guess it’s just proof that I find you hot.”

Ginny actually giggled. “Why thank you, Harry, I’m flattered you think that of me. You know, it almost makes me want to change my mind, but I think you’re right. It would be better when it’s on our own terms.” She yawned. ”And I’m ready to go to bed for real.”

“I’ll join you in a minute, or maybe several as I’ll need to relax first,” he told her and slowly headed towards her and the bathroom.

Ginny laughed but moved by walking to the bed.

When Harry returned, he saw a chain on the light and pulled it, bringing darkness to the room. Crawling into the bed and pulling his glasses off to set on the headboard he heard, “Wow, I get to sleep with the famous Harry Potter, the Man-Who-Conquered.”

“And I get to sleep with Ginny Weasley, the famous Quidditch player.”

They both laughed.

“Seriously, thank you for forgiving me, Ginny.”

“Back at you, Harry.”

” ” ”

When Harry awoke he was surprised to find Ginny laying next to him with an arm over his chest and a leg between his. He was quite sure this violated the curse that had been placed on each of them, so that meant Luna had always wanted them together. It also made him wonder when she’d done that. After a moment, he realized it had to have been during one of their talks after the big fight and Ginny said Luna had talked to her about that time too. Still, he wondered how the girl had done it and he hadn’t been aware.

No matter now, he supposed. He just looked at Ginny, or mostly her head and hair as that was in front of him. She was amazing and he had been stupid to not trust her. He’d not make that mistake again.

She shifted a little and the sheet moved. He couldn’t help but look, and then he couldn’t stop looking, staring really.

“Like what you see?” she asked sleepily.

“Very much. I’d love to caress them.”

Ginny grinned. “I might let you but I don’t think either of us would like the punishment.”

“Can I point out that you’ve had them pressed against me, so if there was punishment it would have already happened. Luna left that loophole in the curse because she wanted us together,” he pointed out. ”I hadn’t figured that out until I woke this morning, but I can’t think of any other explanation.”

“Hmm…” Ginny stretched up and kissed him chastely on the lips. “Let’s try something a little less sensitive first, like my bum.”

Harry moved his hand that was on her back downward and caressed. “It’s as nice as I imagined,” he told her with a smile before his hand moved back up to his original target and caressed her there, causing her to moan.

“Harry, stop.” She grabbed his hand and pulled it away. “That felt too good.”

“So,” he said with a suggestive smile, “we stick with our plan or throw all caution to the wind and go get those potions?”

“Or maybe a cold shower,” she answered finally.

“Not sure that’d help. Let’s go take a hot shower and just hold each other,” he suggested.

“It’ll have to do,” she agreed and peeled the sheet back.

“Yep, you still look hot, even with messed up hair,” he said as he got up.

“Wait, I thought you were near-sighted. So how can you see me from over there?” she asked.

“Oh, those are just plain glass now so I can maintain my look. I got magical contacts last Christmas. Our secret though, please,” he asked her.

She shook her head in amazement. “Sure, why not.” She strode to the bathroom and Harry followed her. They found two toothbrushes on the sink and each used one.

The hot shower felt nice and Harry did just hold her. “I have missed this,” he confessed.

“When did you ever hold me naked in a shower? I sure don’t remember that from before,” she teased.

“You know what I mean,” he told her. “I feel like you’re the perfect height for me; you just fit in my arms so nicely.”

She turned and stretched up a couple of inches on her toes to kiss him deeply. “I wished I didn’t have to tippy-toe to kiss you, but I otherwise agree that our heights work well.” She leaned her cheek on his shoulder. ”I have missed this too.”

After a moment she said, “Harry, promise me you’ll be gentle with me until we get used to it. Sex can be a little painful for women at first I’m told.”

“I promise to take care you however you need it; I’ve learned my lesson.” He gently pulled her head back and leaned down and kissed her, his hand going much lower. “You have such an amazing derriere,” he told her between kisses.

“You are making it so hard to wait, but wait I will as I don’t want to give Luna what she wants.” Ginny turned off the water and looked around. “There are no towels, so how does she expect us to dry off?”

“There’s a button over here.” Harry pressed it and blast of warm air started flowing down from the ceiling, pushing the water droplets to the floor. “I like this.” He ran his fingers through his hair to dry it faster.

Ginny grinned and walked to the sink to get her brush and came back, brushing her hair dry in the huge blower. “It’s not perfect as it doesn’t get underneath, but I like this too. If she’d come over and put one in … I’d mostly forgive her.”

Harry laughed and moved so her long hair didn’t hit him in the face so much. “I think you almost slipped there. You were almost said in our house, didn’t you?”

She smiled coyly at him. “Whichever house I’m at.”

“Something to think about,” he told her with a smile and a pat on her bum. “I’ll go start breakfast.”

Harry managed to cook a full English breakfast without splashing himself with hot grease as Luna had hidden the aprons too. He served her this time and got a bright “Thanks!”

The dishes piled up in the sink, their gift to Luna who could wash them with a spell. They sat on the couch and talked, mostly about what they wanted to do “some day”. They also shared some news about friends and family. It was just an easy going day and they each managed to act like being nude around others was normal.

A little before nine that evening, they heard a noise from the table behind them. Looking over, they could see a small pile of something so they went over. There was a note on the pile. “For you so you can leave. I’ll be there shortly,” they read together. They found two pairs of shorts and a half T-shirt.

“I do appreciate her sending this before she came,” Ginny said as she put on her clothes.

“Technically, I don’t need a shirt, but it would have been nice,” he complained as he put on his shorts. “I know we had dinner a bit ago, but would you like to go out for drink? I know a pub where we won’t be bother too much as it’s in Ireland. I’ll take you to my place so you can see where it is and then you can come over when you’re ready.”

Ginny smiled brightly. “I think I’d like that.” She stretched and kissed him.

A pop sounded and they broke apart slowly to see Luna smiling at them. “Oh good, it worked!”

Ginny lost her smile and gave her an exasperated, “Yes, we’re together again. We appreciate you caring enough to help, but we really don’t like how you did it. There are your potions on the table, you can use them for yourself.”

“But, I saw that would help in most futures. There were a few futures you didn’t use them, but that meant you stayed angry with each other,” Luna said flummoxed.

“I guess you didn’t trust us enough,” Harry told her. “However, I’ll forgive you if you’ll come over to my house soon and install that blow dryer for my shower like you have in yours.”

“That? Yes, I can do that for you--”

“And I want a promise of no kidnapping either of us again. I could take you in on that charge, as I’m sure you know,” Harry pointed out seriously.

Luna nodded. “I know, but it had to be done. The futures where you two weren’t together weren’t pleasant later on. I don’t think it was because of you directly, but because of the children you didn’t have that should have prevented a war but didn’t because they didn’t exist, if I understood what I saw.”

“I’ll forgive you too if you’ll put the blow dryer in Harry’s shower, and I get my dress and shoes back; I really liked those,” Ginny told her.

Luna smiled. “Because you’ll be staying with him? I’ll do it soon!” Luna reached behind her to a sack on the table and handed it over. “Here are you clothes … for each of you. Your wands are in there too.” Ginny took the bag; she also dropped her shrunken jersey in it.

“I’ll expect you at my house on Saturday at 9am,” Harry told her. “Bring whatever you need for the blow dryer. Can we leave here now?”

“No, wait.” Luna pulled out her wand and shot a spell at a spot over the front door. “All right, now you can Apparate home.”

Harry took Ginny to his front porch, a house in the country side. “You can come back here when you’re ready.”

Ginny dug in the bag and pulled out two wands, knowing hers by feel and handing the other over. Harry lit his and pulled his things out. “I’ll see you soon?”

“Give me half an hour or so,” she told him and Apparated away.

Harry went inside and found it was all good. Just in case, he changed the sheets on his bed to the new ones he’s purchased recently. He also picked up a few things he’d left out. A quick change of clothes and he was ready. He also sent off a quick message spell to the west.

Ginny actually returned in 25 minutes. When he let he in he gave an appreciative look. “That little black dress looks good on you,” he told her.

She smiled prettily. “Thank you. I’ll also have you know that I do have a contraceptive potion with me if things go really well.”

Harry leaned over and kissed her gently. “Well, that’s some motivation for me. Shall we go get a pint?”

“You said Ireland? You can go that far with two of us?” She was surprised.

“No problem. We’ll get an out of way corner table and mostly be left alone, although the proprietor does like to talk, but Seamus has always been that way,” he said.

“Seamus, as in Seamus Finnegan from school?”

“Yep, his family owns the pub and he’s been helpful in giving me a place to go and putting up a few spells for privacy in exchange for some conversation.” He held out his hand and she took it.

“I trust you, I always have deep down even when I forgot; but more so now because you were willing to admit the truth of mistakes,” she told him, looking into his eyes.

“I’ve always loved you since that first time together, even when I was angry. I love the woman who’s strong, including strong enough to admit she makes the occasional mistake.” He kissed her hard and loved feeling her respond. ”We don’t have to go to the pub.”

Ginny giggled. “Let’s go; I’d enjoy seeing Seamus and just getting out … but we don’t have to stay long,” she finished impishly.

“It’s a deal.” He Apparated them to Ireland.

They were back an hour later and the potion was used. After a good career for each, the potion wasn’t used and there were three Potter children who did amazing things on their own.

” ” ”

(A/N: I hope you enjoyed something a little different. Molly using using love potions seems to be a popular fan-fiction device, so this is my version and to show that it did not have to keep the couple apart.)
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