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A whiff of him
By AnHPsuperfan

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Category: Post-HBP
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Luna Lovegood
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: Mild Language
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 5
Summary: One-shot. Ginny’s sixth year's term at Hogwarts was very different from the others that came before her. Threatening professors, stifling silences, and oppressive darkness. Even so, not everything changed. Amortentia was still part of the curriculum.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Hello again! I’ve been away for quite some time. But I’m happy to be back to writing, thanks to an idea that came to me. This is a one-shot, as I tend to write. It’s a bit short but it's supposed to be. A moment that I imagined happening in Ginnys’ sixth year.

 I also loved writing Lunas’ involvement in it and I can easily imagined this being one of the reasons for her being Lily's namesake.

I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to read your thoughts on it!


Hogwarts was unrecognizable. Sure, the castle was the same. The grounds were the same. Her common room was the same.
But standing in the Headmeaster's place at the Welcoming Feast was Severus Snape. No warm words of welcome, just words of warning. There was an oppresive silence among the students, one that couldn’t be filled by the Slytherin's chatter. The Carrows scowled at them, daringly, while Professor Macgonagall looked the most tired Ginny had ever seen her.
From that first night it was apparent that things wouldn’t be the same this year. But she was already used to that by now. Since her brothers’ wedding there was a grey cloud surrounding the days that passed.
Ginny's first week at school proved that Hogwarts wouldn’t provide even a glimpse of the brightness she needed. So, she would stay firm and unbendable in face of the Carrows’ remarks and manipulative practices.
The final class of Friday was Potions, at least, which meant Slughorn was the one teaching it. And he could be a lot of things but he wasn’t the Carrows.
“Please come in, come in,” he said enthusiastichally but a little nervously as the Gryffindors walked in first, followed by the Ravenclaws. “Please, stand in front of those potions at the front of the class.”
Ginny positioned herself in front of the cauldrons exhaling smoke in the large counter. She found Luna in the crowd and gave her a small smile.
“Can someone tell me what this potion is?” Slughorn asked, gesturing to the cauldrons.
Chad Belby stepped forward to look at the cauldron closest to him. He became a little disoriented and his eyes glazed over.
“Amortentia, sir,” he answered breathlessly. “The most powerful Love Potion there is. It’s capable of causing a powerful passion or obsession on the person who consumes it. And it’s know to have a distinctive, unique smell to each person that most appeals to them.”
“Right you are, my boy,” Slughorn said jovially.
He then addressed everyone.
“Come on then, students. Yes, everyone. Come take a whiff.”
Ginny was propelled forward as everyone around her moved closer to the potions.
She only looked briefly into the pearl-like texture inside the cauldron before a strong smell took over her senses.
It was broom polish, the Burrow’s orchard... And him.
Ginny couldn’t explain in words if she wanted. Other than it smell like Harry.
She was immediately overwhelmed by images that she had kept locked tightly in a box in her mind since the day she stepped foot at Hogwarts.
Laying on his chest while they watched the water of the Black Lake shimmer in the sunlight, his heartbeat pounding on her ear.
Chasing each other around the Quidditch pitch, her laugher lost in the wind as he looked back grinning at her, his messy hair wild.
His arm’s weigh around her shoulder and his breath in her hair as her eyes squinted at the fireplace, in peace.
Unwanted tears surged in her eyes, too quickly for her to do anything.
Hurriedly, she dropped the quill she was holding to the floor, so she could crouch down to pick it and hide her expression from everyone.
Unfortunately, Slughorn had awful timing as far as she was concerned.
“So class, what did everyone smell? Could someone share it with us?”
Of course, no one wanted to step forward. As Ginny righted herself, Slughorn looked at her encouranginly.
“Miss Weasley? What about you? What did you smell?”
“Humm...” Ginny tried to maintain an unreadable expression as she replied, though her heart thumped wildly in her chest. “Broom polish, morning air and leather.”
As the students looked at her, Ginny shrugged her shoulders.
“I miss flying,” she followed as an explanation. It was very plausible, for a lie.
“Of course she would. She’s such a psycho about Quidditch she broke up with Corner over it,” Steve Morris, Ravenclaws’s Chaser, said to his friends, just loud enough for everyone to hear.
Ginnys’ blood boiled instantly and all the sentimentality vanished.
“I wouldn't be eager to fly either if I was pathetic on a broom like you,” she fired back.
There were a few titters around the room and Slughorn quickly cut in. Morris scowled at her fiercely.
“Everyone get to their seats now. You’re brewing your own Amortentias today!”
The rest of the class dragged painfully slowly. Ginny and Luna, her partner in potions, followed the instructions in silence. No one talked much during classes these days.
When the potion was finally ready, Ginny tried to breathe in as little as possible before she walked away from it.
The students were dismissed and she walked close to Luna down the corridors on their way to the Great Hall.
“Interesting potion, Amortentia, don’t you think?” Luna turned to her with her characteristic bright eyes. Her forehead seemed to have acquired a constant worry line, though.
“The olphat is one of the most memory-inducing of the senses, did you know?” she continued, talking as much to Ginny as wondering out loud.
Ginny listened distractedly but the next sentence stopped her in her tracks.
“I suppose one of those memories with him must truly have involved flying, at least,” Luna said, thoughtfully.
Ginny widened her eyes. There was no possible doubt as to who she was talking about.
“Luna, how did you-,” Ginny started to say quietly, cautiously looking around the corridor to make sure no one could hear.
“Know you were thinking of Harry?” Luna finished her sentence for her unworriedly. “You and Harry are my friends, Ginny. I know it was real between you. It’s only normal that you’d think of him while smelling Amortentia.”
Ginny didn’t speak, just looked at her, a knot forming in her throat.
“He’s probably thinking of you too, you know?” Luna said kindly and extended her hand to touch Ginnys’ arm.
“I doubt Harry will run into some Amortentia on his path,” Ginny said skeptically, voice watery.
“He doesn’t really need to. Harry’s never had trouble thinking of you on his own.”
Ginny knew that there was a lot more issues separating them than Harry’s feelings for her. She knew there were bigger worries consuming her mind. And she knew their world was heading to the most important conflict in recent Wizarding history.
But Luna’s words brought an involuntary smile to her face and eased the weigh on her shoulders for a moment.
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