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Summer of Recovery
By PotterSloth

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Teddy Lupin
Genres: General, Romance
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use
Rating: R
Reviews: 74
Summary: What comes after Voldemort’s defeat? A very, very difficult summer. The world moves on, and it’s much different than it was when Harry and Ginny first got together. The summer will be one of grief, but they’re ready to recover together after so long apart. The only question is: will the world finally let them?
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"Happy Anniversary."

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Harry woke on the morning of the tenth of May, as was becoming normal, very early in the morning. He gently kissed Ginny, knowing he’d see her soon. He woke Hermione, walking down the stairs with her while explaining the favour he needed. Even though she was tired, she nodded, and quickly helped him once they reached Ginny’s room, whispering to cast the charms before she fell back in bed, falling asleep immediately. She’d always been an early riser, but he guessed she was still recovering from the past year of sleep deprivation. Turning away from the girls, Harry admired Hermione’s handiwork, impressed with how quickly and easily she’d accomplished it.

He walked down the stairs, not surprised to find he was the first one awake now that Bill was out of the house for the weekend. Harry was in a happier mood than he’d been in in several days. He relaxed for a bit, drinking two cups of tea. Then he began frying bacon and making eggs for breakfast, thinking that the family would be reluctant to continue skipping breakfast, especially on a day with no funerals to attend.

As he expected, Charlie was the first one down. “That’ll be two sickles,” Harry said, grinning. Charlie rolled his eyes and gave Harry a one-fingered salute instead, which did nothing to damper Harry’s cheery mood. Charlie kept giving him suspicious glances as he made toast for the family. Over the next hour, the rest of the family, except Ginny and George, came downstairs.

With breakfast ready and the family beginning to eat, Harry stood. “I’ll go wake Ginny up.”

Charlie snorted. “Might wanna use a ten-foot pole. She can be a beast in the mornings.”

Harry grinned, something that was very easy for him right now. “I’ll take my chances.” He saw Hermione smiling at him as he turned and went up the stairs to the first floor. He quietly let himself into her room, pleased to see she was still asleep. Her hair was fanned around her head, and she was lightly snoring. She was perfect.

He crawled into bed with her, and she slowly blinked her eyes open. “Good morning, Gin,” he whispered, brushing the hair away from her face.

“Morning, babe,” Ginny mumbled, rubbing her eyes. Harry smiled, thinking that sounded much better than the ‘dear’ Ginny had tried out a few days ago. “What time is it?” she asked, still half asleep.

“About nine,” Harry responded.

“Nine?” Ginny grumbled. “Why in Merlin’s name did you wake me up this early?”

Harry chuckled. “I thought this was a big day that you wouldn’t want to sleep through. I can come back later if you want though,” he suggested jokingly. He was very glad that Ginny immediately wrapped her arms around him.

“Nope, you’re not going anywhere,” she said, snuggling her face into his chest. Harry kissed her softly on the top of her head, breathing in her flowery aroma that he loved so much. She looked up at him, and they kissed softly, slowly, savouring the moment before their day really started.

When they finally separated, Ginny rubbed her eyes again and sat up, still looking at Harry. “Is everyone else already awake?”

Harry nodded, “Yep, they’re all eating the breakfast I made.”

“Why are you making breakfast?” Ginny asked, sounding concerned at once.

Harry shrugged. “I think I’m part of Bill and Charlie’s game now. I was the first one up, so I started making breakfast, but Charlie helped me.”

Ginny laughed, clearly surprised that Harry had been pulled into her brother’s ridiculous game of waking up early. “Why were you up so early?”

“I usually haven’t been trying to sleep after I leave your bed around six. I just sleep better here,” he answered truthfully.

Ginny smiled at him. “I wish you didn’t have to go every morning.”

Harry agreed, “Yeah, me too. But we both knew this was how it was going to be for a while.”

Ginny nodded, finally stretching before standing up. “Guess I’ll change and then head downstairs.” She turned and stared at something on the wall, walking closer to it.

Harry grinned as he watched Ginny looking at what he and Hermione had done. Dennis Creevey had given him a picture of his and Ginny’s first kiss that Colin had taken in the Gryffindor common room last year. He’d increased the size and stuck it on the wall to cover the burn mark left by the fake Prophet.

As Ginny got closer to it, she almost jumped in surprise as the part Hermione added took effect. Every picture has a memory, even if no magic has been cast on it. With a little magic though, the picture can be charmed to remember its context. When Ginny neared the picture, it showed the full scene- Ginny running to Harry, their kiss, and Harry leading her outside.

Harry waved his wand, whispering the incantation Hermione had told him. Suddenly, the picture changed again, this time only showing Ginny. Harry had given Hermione his memory of that kiss. Whenever Ginny got close to it, it showed Harry’s view of Ginny running towards him, eyes blazing as she leapt into his arms. It was one of Harry’s favourite memories- the last thing he’d seen before he died in the forest. But this was an incredibly happy memory, the kind that made it possible to forget the things he’d been struggling with in his mind this week.

Ginny turned to him, eyes blazing. Then, just like she had in his memory, she ran to him, jumping into his arms and smothering him with kisses. Harry fell back onto her bed, gladly letting her work her tongue into his mouth before she pulled away and started kissing his jawline and neck. Harry put his hands on her bum and pulled her closer to him, savouring every inch of contact. Ginny kissed back up to his lips, and he took advantage of this, rolling her over so that he was on top, and giving her the same treatment she’d been giving him. As he started kissing down her neck, he carefully raised his hand to her chest. She moaned at the touch, and Harry took that as an invitation. They remained like that for several minutes- Harry kissing as much of her as he could find while his hands explored her body. Finally, they broke away, breathing heavily.

Harry looked down at her beautiful blazing brown eyes, the same eyes he’d seen on that day a year ago, and whispered, “Happy Anniversary.”


Waking up to Harry’s voice was easily the best way to wake up, in Ginny’s opinion. She was still tired, but she was excited to open her eyes and see his handsome face again. This morning, he seemed especially glad to see her, and Ginny quickly found out why. When she stood up from her bed, she noticed a picture hanging where the burn mark had been. Walking closer, she saw that it was, somehow, a picture of her and Harry kissing after Gryffindor had won the Quidditch Cup last year. Her heart melted, knowing that Harry had done this for her since she hadn’t had anything to cover the burn with. As she moved closer to examine the photograph, she started when it began moving.

She smiled as it showed her running desperately towards Harry, the look of desire in his eyes, and then her jumping into his arms, where he kissed her as eagerly as she kissed him. When they stopped, Harry offered her his hand, and he took her out the portrait hole. Then the picture returned to its original state, but only for a moment, before it changed again. This time, she saw herself running, almost out of the picture, and she realised that this must be Harry’s memory of that kiss.

As the picture returned once more to its normal image, Ginny turned, staring at Harry, the man she loved, who bore an excited grin. Ginny could tell he was hoping she’d like it. She decided to show him just how much she liked it by throwing herself at him, just like she had that day a year ago. When they broke apart, Harry made her feel so incredibly special as he showed her that he’d remembered.

“Happy Anniversary,” he whispered to her.

Ginny beamed. “Hermione told me not to expect you to remember, but I knew you would.” She kissed him once more as Harry laughed.

“I don’t blame her,” he replied. “I’ve never been one for sentimental stuff like this before.”

Ginny grinned proudly. “But I make you behave irrationally.”

“Very irrationally,” he whispered, starting to pull her into another deep kiss that Ginny reluctantly had to break.

“My family will probably be wondering what’s taking us so long.”

Harry rolled off her, sitting next to her on the bed. “Hermione probably told them what I was doing, but… yeah, you’re right. I don’t really fancy Charlie coming up here to check up on us,” he said with an exaggerated look of terror that made Ginny laugh. She kissed him on the cheek before standing up.

“I’m just gonna change and then we can go downstairs.” She walked over to her wardrobe, picking out an emerald green shirt that she thought matched Harry’s eyes. She turned back around to show it to him, but he’d slipped out to give her privacy while she changed. He really was too noble, she thought, abandoning thoughts of tempting him with a slow changing of her clothes.

Instead, she changed quickly and wasn’t surprised at all to see Harry waiting for her outside her door. She smirked at him. “I never asked you to leave.”

Harry turned very red, and Ginny grinned wickedly, kissing him on the cheek before taking his hand in hers and leading him downstairs. As they came into the kitchen, it was quickly apparent by the way everyone in the family was looking at them that they all knew. Molly, Arthur, and Hermione were smiling very widely at them. Percy looked uncomfortable but not disapproving, while Charlie tried to look menacing, even though Ginny could tell he wasn’t serious. And Ron… surprised her by looking fairly happy for the two of them.

Neither she nor Harry actually said anything though, so none of the family addressed the hippogriff in the room until her mum finally couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “Can we see it?”

Ginny chuckled. “Yeah Mum, anyone who wants can see it.” She was taken aback as everyone at the table, including Charlie and Percy, stood up at the same time. “Oh, I guess we’ll do this now then,” she said, glancing at Harry, who looked slightly uncomfortable.

“Come on, Potter,” Ginny grunted as she tugged on his arm, pulling him out of his chair and up the stairs with her. Quickly, all eight of them were crowded in her room, making it feel even smaller than usual. She closed the door to show them the picture on the wall, and then she stepped close to it to trigger the moving effect.

Everybody in the room, even her older brothers, smiled to some extent watching it. “This was your first kiss?” her mum asked.

Ginny nodded. “It was after we won the Quidditch Cup a year ago. I played Seeker since Harry had detention during the match, and when he came in, I just ran to him, and well…”

Her mum and dad were beaming. “That’s quite an impressive piece of magic, Hermione,” Percy noted, and Ginny knew this was high praise coming from him.

“You haven’t even seen the most impressive part, Perce,” she said, stepping even closer to the picture. She was confused when it didn’t change.

She turned to look at Harry, who was subtly avoiding eye contact with her. “Harry,” Ginny began, and he slowly looked at her. “What happened to the last part?” Harry closed his eyes and sighed, and she realised he probably hadn’t meant for everyone to see that part. But her family looked too intrigued to have missed that exchange, so Harry held up his wand and pointed at the picture.

Verto,” he cast, and the picture changed into his memory of their kiss.

Charlie and Ron’s eyebrows raised at this. Percy still looked impressed at the spellwork behind it. Her parents were still beaming, and she thought she saw her dad’s eyes looking a little teary. She looked back in the picture and saw the look in her eyes that had earned her the nickname Blaze.

As the picture returned to its natural state, Charlie and Ron turned to look at Harry, who just shrugged, looking unabashed. “It’s our anniversary. Give it a rest, guys. You can all give me a hard time for being a sentimental sap tomorrow.”

“But you broke up-” Ron started. Hermione punched him in the arm, and he recoiled.

Harry shook his head. “We weren’t broken up- not really. Neither of us was looking for anyone else. The only reason we weren’t together was because I was on the run with you two and wanted to keep her as safe as I could.”

Charlie’s menacing look faded slightly. Ginny suspected he hadn’t known much about that. “Tomorrow, then,” he warned, pointing a finger at Harry, who responded, “I look forward to it. You can give me a stern lecture along with my next two sickles for beating you downstairs.”

Merlin, her boyfriend really was stupidly brave. Charlie’s face contorted as if he was angry before he accidentally let a barking laugh out. Everyone was surprised at that reaction, none more so than Charlie, who looked ashamed that he’d broken his tough big brother facade for a moment. He turned and walked out, shaking his head, followed by everyone other than Hermione.

“Thanks again, Hermione,” Harry said. Hermione smiled at them both and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Ginny said. “Do you think you could add my memory to this?”

Hermione nodded. “Sure, that’s easy.” She was right. She pulled the memory out that Ginny gave her, whispered a pair of spells, waving her wand, and then cast the same incantation Harry had used a couple minutes ago. “Verto.”

Now the three of them were seeing the view of this moment that Ginny was used to seeing in her memory. Harry stood there, behind a crowd of people, but his eyes were searching until they landed on her, the one person in the common room that he had wanted to see more than any others. Then Ginny was running, and the determined, intense look that she’d fallen in love with drew her closer, as she jumped into his arms. The last thing in the memory before she closed her eyes to kiss him was Harry’s bright green eyes, seemingly looking into her soul.

Ginny turned and smiled back at Harry, who was mystified, staring at where her memory of the kiss had just been. He slowly looked at her and smiled, and Ginny knew he was feeling the same thing she had when she saw his memory. She could practically feel the love radiating from their memories as they saw the best in each other the moment they became a couple. Hermione coughed, clearly feeling like a third wheel.

She backed out of the room slowly. “You two are adorable. Happy Anniversary,” she said sweetly before leaving them alone in the room. Instead of jumping on him like last time, Ginny just hugged Harry, knowing that was enough. They couldn’t even speak for how overwhelming the feeling in the room was. They could’ve been hugging for hours without realising it before Ginny finally remembered what else they were supposed to do today.

“Are we still going to go see Teddy?” she asked, leaning back a little from him.

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot about that,” Harry confessed, still looking at her adoringly. Ginny smiled.

“I can’t really blame you for that, but we should probably get going so we’ll have time with him before we go to St. Mungo’s.” Harry nodded, and they went downstairs, told her family where they were going, and disapparated as soon as they exited the wards around the house.

Andromeda was very happy to see them, even though they were arriving unannounced. Teddy was taking a nap, so she took them into her kitchen for some tea. Ginny and Harry happily accepted and spent about an hour talking to Andromeda. She was asking them all sorts of questions about their time at Hogwarts, which classes they liked, and some of their favourite memories. Ginny was thankful that the conversation was light and neither she nor Harry were getting pulled into any really depressing memories.

She was very pleased when Harry said that he couldn’t pick a favourite memory at Hogwarts, but there were a few weeks at the end of last year that had been better than any in his life. Picking up on the hint, Andromeda asked, “Is that when you two got together then?”

They both nodded. “And how did that happen?” Andromeda followed up. Ginny smiled, remembering it like it was yesterday.

The team had been so discouraged in the dressing room before the match, fully expecting to lose without Harry playing. He hadn’t stood for anything like this when they’d been missing players in their other games, and Ginny wasn’t about to let them act like this because Harry wasn’t playing. Nobody else was going to do it, so she decided to take charge in his absence.

“Oi! Listen up everyone! It’s not a secret that it won’t be easy for us today. We’d all love to have Harry out here with us, and I know he’d much rather be here than what he’s having to do right now. And yeah, it sucks that he’s not here. But the rest of us still are. This is a bloody fantastic team, with or without Harry. We’ve got a king for a Keeper, two unbeatable Beaters, and a dynamic Chasing trio. We’re gonna go out there and give it everything we’ve got. Harry’s been a bloody great captain for us this season, and we’re gonna fight to win this for him!”

Somehow, the team responded to her rousing speech, and they suddenly looked much more confident, nodding along as she said they were going to play for Harry. She knew she would be. They strode out to the centre of the pitch, holding their heads high, and Ginny didn’t know why, but she felt really good about their chances.

It was stunning. Within moments of kicking off from the ground, Katie and Demelza had linked up for three quick goals. Ginny began following Cho Chang, not even bothering to look for the Snitch, knowing that for Gryffindor to win the Cup, they’d have to win by at least 300 points. So Ginny’s mission, until Gryffindor’s Chasers could break open a 150 point lead, would be to keep Cho from catching the Snitch at all costs.

Ginny did exactly that, tailing her relentlessly, not giving her an inch of space. From time to time, Ginny would glance at the rest of the game, seeing how it was progressing. She didn’t know how, but they were winning by 100 points just 30 minutes into the match. It was like Ravenclaw had completely forgotten their plan for the match with Harry not being in the team. Slowly, they gathered themselves, beginning to push back, and even though Ron made a few tremendous saves, Ravenclaw was marching back, making the score 170-120.

Suddenly, Cho took off like a rocket, spiralling towards the ground, and Ginny could tell she’d seen the Snitch. Ginny was undoubtedly the better flyer, but Cho had the head start and not much distance to cover. Cho stretched out her hand, with Ginny just a few feet behind her, and Ginny knew it was over.

CRACK! Cho had to spin out of the way of an oncoming Bludger hit by Jimmy Peakes, and the Snitch darted up into the air, winking out of view. Ginny shot an appreciative grin towards Jimmy before getting on Cho’s tail again. Play had almost stopped while Cho was chasing the Snitch, and the Gryffindor Chasers took advantage of this, scoring four goals in rapid succession before Ravenclaw realised that Cho hadn’t caught it.

That moment revitalised the Gryffindor team that had been losing ground on Ravenclaw. Their Chasers, even Dean, were flying with confidence, easily moving the Quaffle between the three of them and seemingly scoring at will. Ritchie and Jimmy helped disrupt every Ravenclaw attack with well-placed Bludgers, and Jimmy especially did a good job protecting Ginny from Bludgers as well, as she followed Cho around, paying less and less attention to the game.

It was only when she heard a score update did she register that it was time to change tactics. Somehow, some way, Gryffindor was leading 280-130. She needed to find the Snitch, quickly. She peeled away from Cho, rapidly flying above the pitch, eyes scanning everywhere, and now it was Cho’s turn to tail her. Ginny heard the Gryffindor crowd roar as they immediately scored another goal, but she barely listened, knowing what she had to do to give herself the space to find the Snitch.

She’d practised it with Harry last summer. It wasn’t something safe, by any means, but Ginny had always been one for danger. It was one of the things that brought her and Harry closer together last summer, turning them into real friends for the first time. It was then that she’d started fantasising, for the first time in years, that Harry could actually want to be with her. It seemed almost poetic, then, that Ginny had the chance to do this to the only girl Harry had ever shown an interest in before. Because Ginny was competitive. She wanted Harry, and she wanted to prove to herself and to him that she was better than Cho.

Ginny dove to the ground, accelerating rapidly. She stretched out her hand, picturing Harry’s face if they won the Cup. Maybe then he’d finally make a move on her. She’d been waiting for weeks, and he’d been acting interested. He just needed some encouragement. And with that thought, she wrenched the handle of her broomstick up at the last possible second. Cho didn’t react as quickly, throwing herself off her broom and rolling along the ground. The crowd roared again, as another Gryffindor goal- this one scored by Dean- coincided with Ginny’s flawless execution of the Wronski Feint, a move that even Harry had never dared to attempt in a Hogwarts match.

Cho wasn’t seriously injured, so the match continued. She was extremely slow to get to her feet and back to her damaged broomstick though, and Ginny took full advantage. She finally saw the Snitch, flitting around the base of the right Gryffindor goal. She leaned forward, staying low to the ground, barely recognizing a Ravenclaw attack being formed just over her head. As she neared the goal, the Snitch shot upwards, twisting around the post. Ginny followed it, and Ravenclaw scored on the left goal.

‘Now or never,’ she thought as the lead was cut to 160 points. She finished her helix around the post and shot upwards, urging her broom forward. She stretched out her hand, once again imagining Harry’s reaction to their victory, and when she closed her fist, Gryffindor was the Quidditch Cup Champion.

She didn’t remember much of the celebration on the pitch. She just knew that she wanted to get back to the common room as soon as possible. The party had already started by the time the team arrived, but it kicked into high gear once the heroes of the day entered the room. Ginny looked around, but Harry was nowhere to be found, apparently still in detention with Snape. She didn’t even know what to say to him, but she knew she wanted to tell him all about the match.

She stood against a wall, staring at the portrait hole, barely acknowledging the celebration around her. She didn’t even notice that Dean had walked up to her, offering her a mug of butterbeer, until he said her name three times. Bloody hell, he had that look on his face, and Ginny knew he was going to ask her for another chance. Thankfully, she was spared from having to let him down when the crowd roared again, and she turned to look at the portrait hole, which was now open. Harry was standing there. He should’ve been stunned at the raucous party, but he wasn’t paying attention to any of it. She saw his eyes darting around the room until they landed on her. She was the one he’d been looking for. Not Ron. Not Hermione. Ginny.

She knew instantly what to do. She ran away from Dean, sprinting like her life depended on it towards Harry. His piercing, intense look stunned her, as usual, but she didn’t hesitate. She threw herself into his arms, and as she leaned in to kiss him, she was surprised when he took the initiative, at least in her mind. He pulled her head towards his, locking her in a kiss more intense than any Ginny had shared with her previous boyfriends, whose names she couldn’t even be bothered to remember right now.

They pulled back, breathing heavily after what could’ve been several hours or days. Ginny knew everyone was staring, but she only had eyes for one person, and he was looking back at her with equal desire and passion. He grinned and held his hand out to her, wordlessly gesturing out the portrait hole, and Ginny followed him, eager to begin this new chapter of her life with the one she’d been waiting so long for.

“We got together a year ago, after we won the Quidditch Cup,” Ginny said, summarising simply what had been a year of flirting and confusion and back and forth culminating in a perfect day.

Harry smiled at her, clearly remembering that day vividly too. “Ginny won the cup for us. She was incredible, as usual.”

Andromeda smiled at them both. “You two are so adorable together. I know it’s probably not something teenagers like to hear old women like me saying, but it’s not often that I see a couple as young and enchanted with each other as the two of you clearly are.”

Ginny beamed. Even though she knew how Harry felt about her, it still felt really good to hear people say how obviously perfect they were together. They talked for a few more moments about Hogwarts and Andromeda’s time there before her charm alerted her that Teddy was waking up. She quickly rose and went to go get him.

Ginny took Harry’s hand, rubbing her thumb over the scars that Umbridge had given him. “We have a pretty great origin story, you know,” she commented idly.

Harry chuckled. “Something to tell the kids, I guess.” He sort of froze mid-laugh, and Ginny did her best to keep rubbing his hand like he hadn’t just said something that monumental. “I- I mean Teddy… when he’s old enough to understand it.”

Ginny nodded, trying to not laugh. “I think that’ll be a great story to tell… Teddy one day.”

Andromeda brought Teddy in at that moment. As Harry held Teddy gingerly, trying his absolute best to make him comfortable as he fed him milk out of a bottle, Ginny couldn’t help but feel like she was seeing her future, and she liked the view.


Harry was quickly becoming accustomed to the feeling of holding Teddy, something he never would’ve expected he’d learn so quickly. Now he couldn’t imagine not having this little baby in his life. Teddy didn’t do much, but he was so innocent and perfect that it didn’t matter. Harry wondered what it said about him that he felt like he could watch Teddy do nothing all day long, just like he felt about Ginny.

After a while, he handed Teddy to Ginny, marvelling once again at how good she was with him. He hadn’t been expecting her whole family to come up and see the picture, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to show them all his memory of that kiss. But he found that it didn’t matter. The Weasleys were tremendously protective of their own, but he was one of them. And even though Charlie, especially, gave him a hard time, he knew that all of them cared for him and were happy for the two of them, even if Bill and Ron were the only two that had actually said as much.

Harry hadn’t expected to see Ginny’s memory of the kiss either. Personally, he thought that he looked like an idiot when she was running towards him, staring like he’d just been obliviated or something, but there was some sort of palpable feeling in Ginny’s memory of the kiss that he could almost feel in the room. It was amazing, and he knew that no matter how daft he thought he looked, all three versions of that picture would be treasured by them forever.

Blinking, he turned his attention back to Ginny, who was smiling at him, and he knew he’d been staring, something that had become a quick habit over the past week. He was certain that he could watch the two of them sitting like that all day without ever growing bored. He didn’t have that chance though because it was soon time for them to head to St. Mungo’s. They said goodbye to Andromeda and Teddy, promising that they’d see Teddy again soon, before they walked outside. Harry pulled Ginny close to him, and they apparated to the back entrance of St. Mungo’s.

The back entrance was exactly where Molly had said it was going to be- in a dark alleyway, hidden inside a dumpster. When they arrived, they saw a tall, thin woman with brown and grey-streaked hair wearing the green robes of the St. Mungo’s Healers.

Both Harry and Ginny looked at her curiously, and she extended her hand. “Right on time. Molly told you about me, I presume? I’m Amelia Hartwell.”

Harry shook her hand, “Harry Potter.” She chuckled pleasantly, and Harry immediately liked her.

“I know who you are, Mister Potter.” Harry blushed, thinking it would’ve been weird if he’d just assumed.

Next to him, Ginny extended her hand and shook Amelia’s. “Ginny Weasley.”

Amelia smiled. “I could’ve guessed that. Your mother has told me a lot about you.” Ginny smiled back at her, and Amelia gestured to the dumpster behind her. “Shall we?”

Harry and Ginny hesitantly followed her into the dumpster, which was completely disguised with authentic smells. When they stepped into the dumpster though, they slowly sank through the trash, and Harry was briefly reminded of the sensation of being pulled down by Devil’s Snare. As soon as that feeling entered his mind, his feet touched a solid floor, and they were standing in an empty corridor in St. Mungo’s.

“Just stay with me, and we’ll keep you away from prying eyes,” Amelia promised, taking off at a quick pace down the corridor. Harry and Ginny followed closely behind, taking several turns before they finally arrived at Amelia’s office without having been noticed by anyone. She sat down in the large chair behind her desk and gestured for them to sit in the two seats across from her. As they sat down, she took out a pen and notepad, surprising Harry, who hadn’t ever seen a witch or wizard use Muggle writing implements.

“It’s a lot more efficient when I’m taking patient notes. My parents are both Muggle doctors, so they got me in the habit long before Hogwarts taught me to use a quill and parchment. I only use those on formal occasions now,” Amelia explained, seeing the confused looks on their faces.

“But where’s the ink?” Ginny asked, mystified by the pen. Harry was reminded that things he took for granted, like the fact that a pen had self-contained ink, were unfamiliar to Ginny, who hadn’t ever really been exposed to the Muggle world. Amelia smiled kindly and explained how the pen worked. Harry suspected this wasn’t the first time she’d had to explain it to someone from their world, and she did it very patiently. Ginny looked quite impressed at the end of the explanation.

“And now, Mister Potter-” Amelia began, looking at him.

“Harry,” he corrected, always preferring people to use his first name.

She nodded. “Harry, Molly told me that you needed to see a Healer urgently, but she didn’t tell me anything beyond that. What’s going on?”

“I- I’ve been having panic attacks. Two in the last five days. They happen when I’m alone, late at night or early in the morning. I start shaking and sweating, and I can’t breathe. Apparently it’s been difficult for anybody to snap me out of it,” Harry answered.

Amelia nodded, jotting down a few notes on her pad. “Panic attacks aren’t very common in our world. But then again, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a witch or wizard who’s been through more than you, especially given your age. If you don’t mind me asking, what sorts of things do you see or feel when you’re in these moments?”

Ginny took Harry’s hand, as he took a deep breath. He usually was reluctant to be open with people, but there was something about Amelia that he trusted, so he was honest with her, or as honest as he could be at the moment. “I’m back at the battle. I can’t breathe, there’s smoke and blood and bodies everywhere. It feels like I’m really there, and everything feels so hopeless. But yesterday… I’ve seen a lot of people die. It was like I was just watching a constant series of all the deaths I’ve seen and even those I didn’t actually witness. I feel like I can’t breathe because there should be something I can do, but I’m stuck just watching the people I love die.”

Ginny squeezed his hand tightly, and Harry saw Amelia frowning, taking a quick note before setting her pen down and looking at him sadly. “It’s not uncommon, unfortunately, for people who have gone through traumatic things like you to have to deal with these attacks. Usually that happens more with Muggles than wizards, so it hasn’t ever been studied intensively by Healers. There’s not really a spell or potion that I can use to take them away without severely altering your moods or personality, and that’s the last thing anybody wants to do. I think it’s very possible that the preferred treatment for Muggles will work in this case though. Muggles have something called psychotherapy. It’s basically a fancy term for talking about your panic attacks to try and figure out the stressors that cause them so we can help you better deal with them without someone needing to pull you out of it.”

Harry nodded. He hadn’t been expecting that there would be a quick, magical solution to the problem, and he was willing to try anything so that he could stop having these episodes. “Is there like… a division at St. Mungo’s for this… psychotherapy thing?”

Amelia shook her head. “I doubt many people here know much about mental health, including psychotherapy. I only know about it because of my parents. I’d be happy to meet with you for regular appointments though.”

“I’d appreciate that,” Harry responded. “Only… is there any way we can be sure it won’t get out that I’m coming to the hospital for problems with my head? People have thought I was a nutter for years because of my head, and I’d really hate for my medical records to confirm that for them.”

Ginny and Amelia both looked at him sympathetically. Amelia nodded. “I can meet with you outside of St. Mungo’s, if you’d prefer. We can keep it off the record so that nothing gets out.”

Harry nodded immediately, very grateful for the offer. “Thank you, Amelia. Just let me know how much it’ll cost, and I’ll be happy to pay you for our appointments.”

Amelia waved her hand dismissively at him. “Not a chance, Harry,” she answered with a smile. “I’ll do it for free. If anybody deserves to catch a break, it’s you. It’ll make me feel like I’m able to help out in a small way with everything you did. The whole world owes you for defeating him.” Harry looked down at the table, still not liking the acclaim he was receiving from people he’d never met before for that. Amelia continued, “But even if you hadn’t done that, what you said in the Daily Prophet today is more than enough reason for me to help you, free of charge.”

Harry frowned, confused. He hadn’t seen a copy of the Prophet this morning. He’d been too eager to wake Ginny up and show her her anniversary gift.

“You don’t know?” Amelia asked. Harry shook his head, not sure what it was that he didn’t know. Ginny looked at him like she had some idea what Amelia was talking about, but Harry was clueless. Amelia reached into her top desk drawer and pulled out a newspaper. She turned it over and passed it across the desk, and when Harry saw the picture of him with the Creevey family, he immediately remembered why he was in the paper today.


Colin Creevey, a sixteen year old who was killed at the Battle of Hogwarts, was laid to rest on Friday, 8 May. At his funeral, none other than Harry Potter, The Saviour of the Wizarding World, delivered his eulogy, a rousing indictment of those who value blood status. In a short, five-minute speech, Potter passionately defended the equality of all wizards, regardless of magical heritage.
Potter praised Creevey for being at the battle, saying: ‘This past year, Colin had to be in hiding as a Muggle-born, but when the chance came for him to fight, he managed to get into Hogwarts and fought for what was right.’
Potter didn’t stop there though. Seemingly filled with righteous anger, he expressed his feelings on the circumstances surrounding Creevey’s death and the Battle of Hogwarts:
‘I am bloody pissed off that this was a fight that Colin felt the need to be a part of. I’m pissed off that because of his magical heritage, something he had no control over, he dealt with ridicule and slander and spent the last year of his life hiding from a corrupt government that would’ve arrested him or worse for being able to do magic. I’m pissed off that there are still a lot of wizards and witches who think that their blood status matters at all, or even that the fact that they’re able to do magic makes them better than the people who can’t.
‘Colin Creevey was a Muggle-born, and he’s worth dozens of pureblood wizards who were too afraid to stand up for what was right when he wasn’t. I’m pissed off about a lot of things that have happened. But more than anything, I am fucking pissed off that there are families that won’t ever be whole again because some evil people decided that they got to choose whose lives mattered and whose didn’t.
‘Colin was a friend to all, and he was murdered by people who fear friendship and crave violence, dissent, and cruelty. [...] He died fighting for a world where all wizards and witches are treated equally, for a world where blood status doesn’t matter. Colin is a bloody hero, and we can honour his life by doing what’s right and treating everyone fairly, regardless of who their parents are or how pure their blood is. We’re all bonded by magic; we shouldn’t be looking for ways to divide ourselves. Never forget that, and Colin’s sacrifice ends in victory.’
Prophet has been unable to reach Potter for comment regarding his speech on Friday, but we did speak to Minerva McGonagall, newly appointed Headmistress at Hogwarts, who officiated the service. When asked what she thought about Potter’s comments, she said: ‘Every person in our world should think carefully about Potter’s speech. He has more character in a single hair on his head than most witches and wizards have in their whole body, and when he speaks this strongly about something, he’s usually right. That’s especially true today.’
For more information about Potter’s role in the battle, see Page 3.
To continue reading about the funerals being held for the Fallen Fifty of the Battle of Hogwarts, see Page 7…

Harry finished reading the article and looked up at Amelia, who had a small, appreciative smile on her face. “Thank you for what you said. I spent the last year lying about who I was before I had to go into hiding. This is my first week back here since October. It means so much that someone like you is standing up for our rights in such a public way.”

Harry nodded, unsure how to respond to that. Ginny answered for him. “He doesn’t do well with people thanking him for things, especially when they’re as amazing as this. But he won’t ever stop defending the rights of all people,” she promised, turning towards Harry with his favourite blazing look in her eyes. She looked proud of him, and that made him feel better than any amount of appreciative comments from other people ever could.

He nodded again, this time in agreement with her, and Ginny smiled at him. “I see,” Amelia said. “Well then, I’ll just show my appreciation in my treatment of you, Harry. I know you have a busy week ahead of you. Would you like to meet sometime early next week for our first real appointment?”

“Yeah, that would be great. Thank you,” he responded.

She nodded at him. “Of course. Send me an owl and we’ll coordinate a time and place next week. Until then, just try and stay around your friends as much as you can, and… good luck with this next week,” she finished, giving him a sad smile, clearly knowing the funerals Harry and Ginny would still be attending this week. Thanking her again, they left her office and started walking towards the place they had entered from.


On the way to the back exit, Ginny found herself looking around St. Mungo’s more than she had when they’d come in. They were currently on the Fourth Floor, the Spell Damage Floor, since that was Amelia’s specialty. Ginny remembered being here with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, two years ago at Christmas. She’d seen Neville and his parents in the long-term ward here. Ginny had learned what had happened to his parents after that day, and she knew that Neville was constantly trying to live up to his parents’ legacies. She smiled a little for her friend, knowing that he had done that at the battle a week ago.

Just before she and Harry started walking down the stairs to the exit, a name on one of the doors caught her eye. Emily Brooks. Ginny didn’t notice that she let go of Harry and walked toward the door. She reached out toward the handle, but Harry grabbed her arm just before she opened the door.

“Hey, what’s going on? You can’t just go in there,” he said, looking worried. Ginny blinked and looked up at him, feeling like she was being pulled out of a trance.

“Emily Brooks,” she responded, pointing to the name on the door.

Harry frowned, confused. “Who’s Emily Brooks?” he asked. Ginny suddenly remembered. Of course Harry wouldn’t know who she was- he hadn’t been at Hogwarts this year.

“She’s a first-year Gryffindor. I was with her when you- when you went to the forest,” she answered quietly, and Harry’s eyes widened. She still hadn’t gotten the full story yet, but Harry had confirmed the day of the battle that it was him that Ginny had felt walking past when she was with Emily, trying to comfort her.

“A first year?” he whispered, looking shocked.

“She followed me for a lot of the year. Kind of like how Colin was with you when he first started at Hogwarts. She knew I was friends or more with you, and she was fascinated with you. As the year went on… she started becoming more attached to me and kept asking to join the D.A. I never let her, obviously, but that didn’t stop her from sneaking away from everyone else the night of the battle. I- I don’t know what she was doing on the grounds. She passed out after you walked past, and I levitated her back to the castle. I thought for sure she’d…” Harry wrapped an arm around her as Ginny couldn’t finish that sentence.

“Let’s see if there’s anybody we can ask about her,” he suggested, walking with her down a corridor until they found a Healer. She was a little surprised that he hadn’t hesitated, like he’d forgotten that he wasn’t wanting to be seen in St. Mungo’s.

As soon as they found a Healer, Harry said, “Excuse me?” The Healer looked at him, clearly busy, but that annoyed expression changed into a wide-eyed shock as her eyes flicked from Harry’s eyes to his forehead, something Ginny saw all the time.

After a moment, Harry continued. “I was wondering if there was anyone we could talk to about Emily Brooks? She’s a patient in a room just down there,” he gestured back where they came from. The Healer, a young and very pretty woman, snapped out of her daze, but she didn’t quit staring at Harry, not even noticing Ginny holding his hand.

“I’m sorry Mister Potter, but I can’t give you any information about our patients. Although-” she whispered, leaning in too close to Harry for Ginny’s taste “- her parents are probably in the visitor’s room, just out those doors. They may talk to you.” She gave Harry a toothy smile, but he just nodded his thanks and took off with Ginny, not giving the Healer a second look, which pleased a small, jealous part of Ginny greatly.

They entered the visitor’s room, where only a handful of people were sitting in scattered chairs. They started looking around the room, and Ginny noticed that practically everyone was staring at Harry. Except for one couple, who was sitting in the corner, not really looking at anything. Ginny squeezed his hand to get his attention and nodded towards that corner. He nodded, and they walked over. Both the man and woman were blonde. The woman was rather attractive, and the man had a goatee that matched his hair. They had bloodshot eyes, looking like they hadn’t slept in a week.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” Ginny said softly. “But are you Emily Brooks’ parents?”

They looked up, slightly surprised to have someone asking them that, especially considering Ginny wasn’t wearing Healer robes. Harry stood behind her, and they hadn’t noticed him yet. “We are,” Mr. Brooks responded hesitantly, unsure if he should be talking about his daughter to someone he didn’t know.

“I’m Ginny Weasley,” she introduced herself. “I was with Emily… that night at Hogwarts. I’m- I’m the one who found her.”

It was interesting to watch Mr. Brooks’ eyes narrow as Mrs. Brooks’ eyes widened, both registering that information differently. “She told us about you. She said you were teaching people at Hogwarts how to protect themselves, and you looked out for the younger students,” Mrs. Brooks said, her bottom lip beginning to tremble as she thought about her daughter.

“Why was she even there?” Mr. Brooks asked accusingly.

Ginny shook her head helplessly. “She wanted to help. Everyone underage was supposed to leave the castle, but she snuck away. I- I found her during a ceasefire and brought her back to the castle, but I- I had no idea what happened to her until now. Do you mind if I sit with you?” Ginny asked, gesturing to the empty seats next to them. Mrs. Brooks nodded invitingly, and Ginny sat next to her. Only then, once she sat down, did the Brooks see Harry, who’d remained quiet during the conversation.

Both of their eyes widened seeing him, and he stepped forward. “Hi, I’m Harry Potter. I’m so sorry for what happened to Emily,” he said, looking at both of them sadly.

“You’re Harry Potter,” Mrs. Brooks echoed. Harry nodded uncomfortably.

Mr. Brooks looked at Ginny. “Emily told us you knew him. That was true?”

Ginny nodded with a small smile. “Harry’s been friends with my family for years.”

“I’m also her boyfriend,” Harry added, more proudly than he probably should’ve considering the situation, but Ginny thought it was very cute that he wanted to be known for that, considering all his other potential titles and accolades.

“How is Emily?” Ginny asked quickly, before the Brooks’ could ask any questions of Harry.

Mr. Brooks shook his head. “She’s weak. She’s almost always sleeping. The Healers told us that she was lucky to be alive. A curse- it broke her legs and damaged her spine severely. They were able to heal her legs easily, but the spine is a different story… they think she’ll recover, with time, but she’ll likely never walk again.”

Ginny exhaled sadly as a few tears leaked out of Mrs. Brooks eyes. “I’m so sorry,” Ginny whispered. “She shouldn’t have been there, caught up in all of this. She was so brave though.” She hoped that would comfort the Brooks couple somewhat.

Mrs. Brooks nodded, wiping her eyes. “She looked up to both of you a great deal. Thank you for being there for her and for ending this.” Ginny nodded, holding Harry’s hand tightly.

Now it was Mr. Brooks’ turn to wipe his eyes, which surprised Ginny a little. “My father died in the first war. Is it really over this time?” he asked Harry.

Harry pressed his lips together. “There are still some of his supporters out there, but… yeah, he’s gone, and he’s never coming back.”

Mr. Brooks closed his eyes and nodded. “Thank you,” he whispered, and for a moment, all Ginny saw a scared boy who lost his father far too young.

“Do you think- when she starts feeling better, we could come and visit her?” Ginny asked gently.

Both parents nodded immediately. “Can we send you an owl when she’s ready?” Mrs. Brooks asked.

“Absolutely,” Ginny said, smiling slightly, thankful that she and Harry would get to see Emily soon.

All four of them stood up. “Thank you for checking on her today,” Mrs. Brooks said as she hugged them both quickly. Mr. Brooks shook both of their hands, and Ginny and Harry exited the visitor’s room, walking hand in hand to the exit.

“I’m so glad she’s okay,” Ginny said as they climbed out of the dumpster.

Harry nodded. “Me too. I just wish she hadn’t been there in the first place.”

Ginny agreed. “I know, I do too. But you have to admit, it’s a bit ironic for you to be concerned about that, considering what you were doing at her age.” Harry started to disagree but he sighed, realising that Ginny was right.

“I can’t wait for you to meet her. She reminds me a lot of you, and not just for the whole getting in trouble at a young age thing,” Ginny said, smiling wryly at Harry.

Harry shook his head. “Merlin, the last thing Hogwarts needs is another person like me.”

Ginny laughed, pulling him close for him to apparate back to the Burrow. “She just reminds me of you. You’re still one of a kind.”

Harry smiled, turning on his heel, and instantly, they were back outside the Burrow. They’d been at the hospital so long that it was now evening, and they hurried inside. Ginny left Harry in the living room with her dad, Ron, Charlie, and Percy, and she went to the kitchen to find her mother cooking while Hermione watched.

“Is it ready?” Ginny asked.

Hermione nodded. “Ron and I set it up this afternoon while the two of you were gone.”

“Dinner’s ready too,” her mother added, and Ginny grinned at both of them.

“Thank you both, I really appreciate the help.” They smiled back at her, and Ginny hurried out of the kitchen and saw that Ron and Harry weren’t in the living room anymore. Things were going perfectly according to plan, then.

Ginny went upstairs to the bathroom, quickly freshening up before returning to her bedroom, where she changed into an emerald green strapless dress that matched the shirt she’d been wearing earlier. She’d found it in a box of old family things while they’d stayed at Aunt Muriel’s, and after a few alterations and removal of lace, the simple dress fit her perfectly. She gave herself one last look in the mirror, pleased that the dress flattered her figure so well.

Ginny hurried back downstairs and snuck into the backyard. The rest of the family was preoccupied in the kitchen, thanks to her mum, no doubt, so nobody gave her a hard time about dressing up this much. Ginny smiled as she saw the glowing lights in the orchard, and, feeling a little mischievous, she decided to wait behind a tree for Harry to come outside.


When Ginny walked into the kitchen, Harry stayed behind with her brothers and dad. But before he could sit down, Ron jumped up and started pulling Harry up the stairs. “What are we doing?” Harry asked, following Ron.

“Sorry mate, I know you don’t want to do this, but there’s a Daily Prophet reporter that’s going to be here in a few minutes,” Ron answered as they reached the third floor.

Harry stopped. “Wait what? Why the hell is a reporter coming here?”

Ron sighed and turned back. “Hermione told me you’d be like this. They’re just wanting to take a picture of the three of us for a story they’re working on. They’re not gonna ask any questions, and it’s not just for you. But Hermione will kill us if we’re not dressed nicely for the picture.”

Harry exhaled, becoming quickly annoyed that they’d planned this without asking him if it was okay. The last thing he wanted was another picture of himself in the bloody Daily Prophet. “Fine,” he grumbled, pushing past Ron and heading up the stairs to their room. “But we’re talking about this afterwards. It’s not okay for you two to pull some shite like this without telling me.”

“Sorry mate,” Ron apologised as they entered the room. Harry rolled his eyes and pulled out a deep blue set of dress robes, but before he could put them on, Ron spoke again. “Umm… Hermione said you should wear this.” He held up a charcoal grey Muggle suit with an emerald green tie and pocket square.

Harry rolled his eyes again. “Fine. Does Hermione have any preference on which sleeve I put on first, or am I allowed to make that decision for myself?”

Ron held his hands up innocently. “Don’t hex the messenger.”

Harry muttered some choice words for his so-called friends under his breath, but he reluctantly changed into the outfit Hermione had for him. He turned to look back at Ron, who was wearing plain black robes.

“Why aren’t you wearing something nicer if I have to wear this damn suit?” Harry asked, struggling to tie his necktie.

Ron shrugged. “Hermione didn’t pick something out for me. You’re still the main attraction, I guess. Here, you’re just making it worse.” Ron stepped forward and quickly tied Harry’s necktie, patting him on the shoulders as he stepped back.

“Well, I’ve definitely seen you look worse,” Ron cracked, smiling at Harry.

Harry couldn’t help chuckling, even though he was still really pissed off. “Let’s just get this over with… then I’ll make sure you look worse,” he threatened, halfway serious about it. Ron laughed and followed Harry downstairs.

“Where are we meeting them?” Harry asked as they entered the now-empty living room.

“Just outside, in the orchard,” Ron answered, looking around to see where everyone was.

Harry was about to go outside when Hermione walked in from the kitchen. “Why aren’t you dressed up?” he asked, looking at Hermione wearing a blue jumper and jeans.

“What?” she responded in a confused tone.

Harry turned to look at Ron, whose face was bright red, but Ron didn’t hesitate to answer her question. “For the picture, Hermione! Honestly woman, you spend so much time with your nose in a book that it’s a miracle you remember to eat every day. Let’s go get you changed.”

“Excuse me?” Hermione asked shrilly.

Ron gulped, looking at Harry, who was just as confused as Hermione was. “Just wait for us outside, Harry. We’ll be there in a few minutes,” Ron said, looking back at a very annoyed Hermione.

Harry didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly went out the back door, hearing Hermione yelling at Ron before he closed the door, and mercifully, the sound was almost completely muffled. He turned to see if the reporter was already here. Instead of a reporter though, he saw something glowing in the orchard. Intrigued, he walked into the orchard, looking up at the treetops and the fairy lights strung from branch to branch. In a small clearing was a table and two chairs. Harry frowned and started looking around, trying to figure out what was going around. He heard a rustling behind him, and he turned back, stunned by what he was looking at.

Ginny was always beautiful in Harry’s eyes, even when she was half asleep and snoring. There’d be random moments when Harry would see her and he’d still feel the breath being knocked out of his lungs as he took in her beauty like he’d never seen it before. This was one of those moments. Ginny was standing in front of him, wearing a green, strapless dress that made her body look even more incredible than usual. Harry’s eyes wandered down the dress before slowly travelling back up, wistfully admiring the patches of freckles on her exposed shoulders. He saw her perfect smile that always made his heart flutter, her cute little nose, and the thing he adored most about her- her blazing brown eyes, shining with so much emotion that Harry was overwhelmed, completely speechless as he took in her beauty like he’d never seen her before.

His favourite sound in the world- Ginny’s laugh- breathed new life into him. She was still smiling at him, and Harry saw she was waiting for him to say something once he finished staring, so he breathed out literally the only thought that was in his mind: “You’re perfect, in every way.”

Ginny smiled even wider, walking up to Harry, who still couldn’t believe his luck that this goddess wanted to be with him of all people. She leaned in close and whispered, “That’s my line. But I’ll settle for saying you always amaze me.”

Then they were kissing, and even though kissing her was becoming more familiar by the day, Harry still felt that rush, like she was the only thing that mattered. Everything else faded away and his world was her. She pulled away slowly, and Harry realised that she was very quickly becoming his entire world even when they weren’t kissing. He liked that feeling.

Ginny looked up at him, and Harry felt like his feelings for her were visualised in her expression. “Happy Anniversary, Harry,” Ginny said softly. Harry remembered where they were, and why he’d come out there in the first place.

“You did all this?” he asked, surprised at how quickly things had changed from his annoyance in the Burrow moments ago. Ginny nodded, blushing and smiling a little, clearly proud of herself. “Gin, this is incredible.”

“You haven’t even seen the best part,” she promised, leading him to the table, which held two covered dishes that Harry didn’t remember seeing when he’d come out to the orchard. Ginny lifted the coverings with a flourish, exclaiming “Voila!” His mouth watered seeing the dinner of lamb chops that he was fairly certain had been cooked by Mrs. Weasley.

As they sat down and began eating, Harry asked, “How- when did you do all this?”

Ginny chuckled. “Well it wasn’t easy. I had the idea a few days ago, so I asked Hermione if she could help me with setting up all the decorations. I asked Mum if she would make us a special dinner tonight, and she was very happy to do it. But when I realised we were going to be gone all day, I had to ask Hermione and Ron to take care of all the preparations for me. Then I had to change when we got back home and beat you out here by a couple minutes.”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, Ron took me upstairs and fed me a story about a reporter coming here to take a picture of the three of us. He told me Hermione had picked out a special outfit for me to wear, but it fell apart when we came downstairs and Hermione wasn’t dressed up at all. I think he’s getting yelled at for insulting Hermione while trying to keep the story going.”

Ginny laughed loudly at that. “That’s my brother, a real charmer. Though, I was wondering where that outfit came from. Hermione must have transfigured some other clothes to make it after I showed her my dress yesterday. We’re pretty lucky to have a friend as great as her… and Ron too, I guess,” Ginny added with an exaggerated wrinkling of her nose, but Harry knew that she loved her brother deeply and a lot of the jokes were just for show.

“I feel more and more lucky every day,” Harry said truthfully, taking her hand in his.

Ginny smiled at him, asking a now familiar question. “How do you always know what to say?”

“Magic,” Harry grinned as he said it, leaning across the table to give her a quick kiss. They finished their dinner, and Harry was delighted when the plates were magically replaced with a treacle tart that he and Ginny shared.

“You sure do know how to treat a guy, Blaze,” Harry said after they’d eaten their fill. “Hope you don’t burn out on the romance too quickly,” he joked.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “I’m more worried about you running out after your gift this morning.”

Harry chuckled, making Ginny laugh with him. “You don’t have to worry about that. You’re gonna be putting up with my efforts to make romantic gestures-”

“Forever,” they both said at the same time. Their anniversary ended in a blissful night in the orchard. They stayed outside long after they finished eating, enjoying every perfect second of each other’s company, continually finding new things to talk about, and celebrating the conclusion of the first year of their forever.

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A/N: Happy Anniversary to Harry and Ginny! I hope this chapter makes up for some of the sad things they’ve been going through recently; I know it was very much needed for me on the writing end to have a bit of a break in the constant sadness for them to have a really great day caring for each other without as much worry about everything else. Their anniversary of 10 May was based on HP Lexicon’s Day-by-Day Calendar of Half-Blood Prince. They have one of these for all seven books, and they were invaluable resources for determining exactly when certain events happened in canon. They do pretty extensive research to place dates on events when possible, so I feel pretty confident with their first kiss being on 10 May, 1997, which puts this chapters events at 10 May, 1998, eight days after the Battle, for anyone interested in keeping track of where we’re at.

I did have Harry’s anniversary present planned from when I decided that the Death Eaters left the fake Prophet on Ginny’s wall. It seemed like a very sweet thing for him to find something to cover it, and the picture was conveniently given to him ‘off screen’ by Dennis at Colin’s funeral in Chapter 9. Verto is a spell I invented to change the state of an object, rooted in a Latin word that means “I change” or “I turn”.

Ginny’s memory of the Quidditch match was an important one to me for several reasons. It was the first time I actually got to write Quidditch action, which I really enjoy doing as a massive sports fan, and I felt like it was important to justify how Gryffindor managed to win by so much when it seemed like nobody thought they had much of a chance without Harry. Ginny using the Wronski Feint on Cho was something I admittedly laughed at when I came up with it, just because it feels like such a Ginny thing to do. It’s worth saying that, personally, I have nothing against Cho. She was dealing with a lot of terrible things in the time that we really knew her in canon, and there’s plenty of reasons why she wouldn’t have ever worked with Harry. But… Ginny is a teenage girl- fifteen in this memory- and Cho is the one girl that Harry had ever showed an interest in, so I think it makes complete sense that Ginny would be very competitive and maybe a little aggressive in proving that she’s ‘better’ than Cho in this moment. Funny enough, in that memory, I say that Harry was looking for her. “Not Ron. Not Hermione. Ginny.” I wrote it, thinking it sounded familiar, but I didn’t even realise I was basically quoting the first film until I watched it a couple days later. I cracked up when I heard it and decided to leave it in because it’s really funny to me and very fitting for the scene in my opinion.

I don’t really have a lot to say about Amelia right now, other than she’s going to be a very important person for both Harry and Ginny as Harry continues trying to overcome his panic attacks. There’s a level of trust that needs to be established between them, and I feel like Amelia’s appreciation of Harry’s words in the article goes a long way towards that, even if it makes him feel a little uncomfortable.

I knew I wanted to include the girl that Harry saw Ginny taking care of as he was walking to the forest. The two options I saw were to have a funeral for her or to make Ginny and Harry invested in her life, and I didn’t think there should be more funerals than absolutely necessary. I did think that it was important for her to have actual injuries though. It may be ‘nerfing’ magic a little bit, but I feel like there has to be some sort of state of injury between life and death, and the sad reality of a young girl never walking again drives home just how terrible the war was. But I will say that Emily doesn’t let it define her. Even though we don’t actually meet her in this chapter, I will tease that she becomes very important in both of their lives and a very, very fun character for me to write.

The entire set up for Ginny’s surprise had me giggling as I was writing it. Ron does his absolute best to preserve the surprise, even at his own expense, because he’s a good friend, but he definitely could’ve been a little more delicate with it. I’m not complaining though since it gave me a very funny moment to write! And it led to one of the more romantic scenes we’ve had in SoR to this point, with a beautiful celebration of their first anniversary. I do my best to balance the romance with the other, more tumultuous emotions right now, but I have to say, rereading this chapter got me very excited for when romance is the primary focus of things, once everything settles down and the Battle moves further back into memory.

Sadly, we’re not there yet, and another bump in the road is going to show up in our next chapter. I really hope you enjoyed Remembering the Date! As always, comments and feedback are very much appreciated!

Coming Friday: Assigning Blame- Harry didn’t even cower as the man stood over him.
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