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Crush Is Embarrassment , Love Is An Emotion
By Blessed

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Category: Post-OotP
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Rating: G
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Summary: Ginny pens down her emotions of what lead her to her love.
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Crush is embarrassment ,Love is an emotion

The boy who lived.

That was what you were first introduced to me as. You were merely a figment of my imagination, from the story that I nagged my mother to tell me every night.

Oh how my whole family thought it was sweet, how I had a crush on you, and mused out loud together when it would pass.

It never did.

What started out as fascination, and then turned into a crush. Where I would accidentally spill my milk at the table, to where I would stutter incoherently when you spoke to me.

And just as I was losing what little hope I had left then we became friends.

They say that the true key to friendships is having the same interests, and every time I think of that it reminds me of Our Hermione and Ron, and it just makes me laugh I mean look where they are now?

However I do believe it to a certain extent.

It wasn't so much in where each other's interests lies, but what we have experienced.

We were, and I quote from that Rita Skeeter article, forgive me my love.

The two only people attacked by Voldemort to come out alive.

And I don't state that as something to be proud of, I would gladly give that title to another, as I know you would.

I remember it was just after your 5th year, the year where the deatheaters really did attack the muggle born families, which ended up having a lot of innocent people in St Mungo's, among those including Hermione's parents.

You were feeling an extreme amount of guilt remember? , Pushing all those important to you away.

So I being a read head tempered Weasley fired out at you, telling you it wasn't your fault, and I remember your eyes blazing in anger, as you let all the hurt out on me, from yelling at me to crying into my shoulder, no one ever knew of this night besides us, and it left us both for the better.

It left us with a bond, someone to share our worries and speak of our guilt too and after such a long time you were the one and only person I spoke to about the chamber of secrets. Then our relationship took on an entirely different emotion

It was Love.

It was the one thing I told my family every night was going to happen.

And when it did, it was even better than I imagined it would be.

Of course there were hurtles, and I smile as I write this.

The Jealously, I will never forget.

You were dating Cho, and I Colin.

I think what really woke Colin up to smell the coffee burning was when he kissed me and I whispered your name instead of his.

Charlie was right when saying I would break the boys hearts.

And Harry, my dear Sweet Harry, I still don't understand why you brought a diary, perhaps you thought it was time for me to try it out again, shame on me for telling you of my secret passion for writing.

And what even makes me laugh more is that it's written in letterform to you.

I could just imagine your smile if you were reading this.

So ends the journey to finding true love.

It's a shame to all the girls out there whose crushes don't end up being their husbands.

Hold in the shock, dear I'm only kidding you.

I'm not in love with the boy who lived. That is merely a title.

I'm in love with you.
Reviews 11

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