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Can You Keep A Secret?
By Blessed

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Category: Pre-OotP
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Rating: G
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Summary: It's a trying life this 11 year old girl lives , or so Ginny thinks , But now she has something to confide her thoughts and feelings into , or does she?
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Can you keep a secret?

To say it had been a trying day was to say the least, from having her brother’s tease her about her impending crush on the boy who lived, to having a run in with the Malfoys, and seeing her Dad actually act more out of control than usual, well it was all just to much for eleven year old Ginny Weasley.

The girl rubbed her eyes yet again and started unpacking her trunk.

It was all just so exciting, going to Hogwarts, she would now finally be at the place that her brothers had so often talked about, and she was the last child of the family to attend.
Which would mean her mother would be teary eyed

Ginny cringed when she pictured her mother hugging her and all of her brothers in front of all the other children, oh how embarrassing, of course she didn’t mind last year, or the year before that, but this was different, she would be going on the train, the children would actually be paying attention to her, would actually be talking to her and the last thing she needed was their taunts of ‘mummy’s little baby’

Then she thought of Harry, here she was thinking about her mum like that, when he didn’t have a mum at all.

And he was so nice,

After all he was the one who gave her those books, Ginny Weasley looked over at the all her school equipment on her desk, and smiled proudly, sure not everything was new, but some of it was, and that was something to be grateful about, after All, poor Ron, everything he had was second hand, or um third hand.

Ginny got off her bed and walked over to her desk, and picked up a very large looking book, the One that Hermione Granger had declared useful and fascinating and perfect for light reading.

Ginny snorted as she heaved the book from arm to arm.

“Hogwarts a History”.

Ginny’s nose scrunched up in distaste.

“Yes this will be fascinating”; she muttered sarcastically throwing it back into her trunk.

Ginny’s eyes widened as she remembered her secret treasure she had only just discovered an hour before

How could I have forgotten?

Looking around to make sure that no one was around she walked over and shut her door quietly, than ran back to her bed and snatched a small black book from under her pillow.

She looked at it for the second time, when she had brought her bags full of school supplies to her room, she had discovered it, and now was pondering whether or not to tell her mum and dad, or just to keep it.

She bit her lip in thought and opened it up.

How strange, she thought smiling.

The outside of it was battered and the pages were creased. But on the inside the pages were blank.

It would have been interesting to read someone’s thoughts and feeling she mused, maybe this diary was a sign.

Ginny looked at it longingly

Yes just maybe it was, after all she had always liked to write, she even used to have a diary.

Ginny remembered what had happened to that one.

George and Fred had come across it and somehow had set fire to it.

She shook her head, they certainly weren’t going to do it to this one, and grabbing a quill she quickly wrote.

Hello diary,I’m Ginny Weasley and I have a secret.

Hello Miss Weasley Do tell me your secret

Ginny gasped in surprise.

I’m seeing things

I can assure you that you’re not seeing things.

You write back!

Yes quite obvious.

Who are you?

Tom Riddle.

That’s a nice name, Tom can you keep a secret?

Well I can’t tell anyone anything my dear, as I can’t talk.

Ginny smiled happily, an enchanted diary, what a stroke of luck; Ginny now had someone to confide in.

It’s all about a boy.

Indeed, who is this boy?

Harry, Harry potter.
Reviews 3

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