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And He Loves Her So
By rinoa

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Summary: Through the times, she's always been there for him, and he's never forgotten. H/G, r+r
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And He Loves Her So

Summary: Through the times, she’s always been there for him, and he’s never forgotten. H/G, r+r

Disclaimer: Characters familiar to you are Ms Rowling’s. The plot and storyline, however, is strictly mine. Stealing is evil and worthy of an Unforgivable Curse, so beware *evil smile* The song lyrics are from “And I Love You So” by Don McLean, which I greatly recommend for download, because it is IMO one of the best songs to represent H/G =)

A/N: My third H/G fic, inspired by the beauty that is OoTP. I’ve always shipped H/G, and my love for this ship is boosted by Book 5 =) I was feeling a tad emotional, so this came out of nowhere, really… r+r if you see fit, but this is my personal favourite.


And I love you so
People ask me how
How I've lived til' now…
I tell them I don't know

He’d never forgotten.

She stood there by the river, her eyes closed and hands clasped, her red hair shining even more vibrantly against the setting sun. Her flowery sundress moved gently with the slow breeze, and as he watched, a tear had slid down her cheek.

Yet she was smiling, very slightly.

When she opened her eyes, she watched him. They had looked at each other for a long moment, her brown eyes never leaving his green ones. It was odd, how even then, she knew how to hold his attention.

“I was praying,” she’d said simply, even though he didn’t ask.

He had just continued to look at her. The sun was still setting, now a mere flow of reds and pinks across a darkened sky, reflecting prettily against the river, against her. She stepped forward, taking his hand very gently, and squeezing it.

Another tear fell from her brown eyes, and she tried to smile.

He understood.

I guess they understand
How lonely life has been
Life began again
The day you took my hand

He had fallen.

He was walking on the grounds on Christmas Eve, trying to clear his thoughts, his feet leaving imprints on the fresh snow. The day had made way for night, and he was alone on the grounds, tiny snowflakes falling onto his shoulders.

Then she was there, dancing.

His thoughts had dissipated into thin air, and all he could do was watch her. Under the stars, she was twirling, her red hair flailing in the air as her laughter rang out joyously to his ears. The snow fell gently on her face, and even from the distance he saw her brown eyes shining.

She’d stopped at the sight of him, her pink face flushing even redder. But Harry didn’t cease in his gaze. He tried to smile, and lifted his hand in greeting.

She walked slowly toward him, her red hair slightly wet from the snow. “How long...?” she asked, with a shy smile.

“Long enough,” he replied, still gazing at her.

She blushed, and then he knew.

The shadows follow me
And the night won't set me free
But I don't let
The evening get me down…
Now that you're around with me

She was always there.

Early morning, even before sunrise, she was seated on the pitch in the scarlet and gold Quidditch robes, smiling as she watched him fly. He’d join her on the grass as they watch the sky lighten, teasing her on why she found him so interesting to watch.

“Because you look so free,” she’d said after a moment’s consideration. “I love you like that.”

“You love me?”

She chuckled and shook her head punching his shoulder lightly. “You git.”

He had laughed with her then, realizing that he hadn’t laughed in ages. And she was looking at him again, with that odd expression that puzzled him. Then she smiled again and looked up at the brightening sky. “What do you think, Harry?” she’d asked, watching him with those haunting brown eyes.

He’d looked down at her, tilting his head.

“What do you think of me loving you?”

He was too surprised to speak. She stood up and waved, heading off toward the Tower.

It took him a moment before a slow smile quirked onto his lips.

And you love me too
Your thoughts are just for me
You set my spirit free
I'm happy that you do

She’d cried before he left.

He had to go, and they knew it. She had pulled him into a tight hug, burying her face in his shoulder. His fingers were entangled in her hair, and he closed his eyes. Her body was shaking slightly from sobs, but then she’d looked up at him, her brown eyes shining with tears.

He had stared at her for a long moment, taking in the wispy red hair that had fallen onto her face, her pretty freckles, her pink lips... he’d touched them with his thumb, and she swallowed, another tear falling onto her cheek.

It was then he kissed her, for the first time.

She had closed her eyes, breathing deeply as she embraced him tightly, her hands shaking from fear. Then she met his green eyes, and whispered, “Be strong.”

And he knew he had to be.

The book of life is green…
Once the page is read
All but love is dead
That is my belief

She had waited for his return.

Her smile was worth a thousand battles he’d fought, and her eyes were what kept him going up till then. Her beautiful, heart shaped face was pale, and her red hair was stringy and tangled, but what he felt just at the sight of her was too tremendous for words.

“Harry,” she’d said, smiling through her tears.

He fell into her arms, and Ron and Hermione tried to support him from hitting the ground. Ginny held him gently and tightly at the same time, kissing a bruise on his forehead, and caressing his face. Her brown eyes met his green ones, and he pulled her close, whispering into her ear:

“I love you, Ginny.”

She looked at him, swallowing. “I love you, Harry… I’ve always loved you.”

He had smiled slightly, his eyes so coarse from seeing all that he’d seen, but yet so tender with the sight that was her. She held him tight as he collapsed from fatigue, and at that moment, she knew they would never let go.

And I love you so
People ask me how
How I've lived til’ now…
I tell them I don't know.

A/N: Hoped you liked it! =) Reviews, comments etc are appreciated! ^^ ey
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