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All I Need
By kjpzak

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Category: Post-OotP
Genres: Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Dragons, piece of Cake. Dementors, no problem. Valentine's Day? Oh Boy! FLUFF TO THE EXTREME The third in a series - The Deal, Harry Loves Ginny,All I Need.
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Disclaimer: I only wish I were J.K. Rowling. Once again, all my thanks to her for letting me play with such great stuff.

February 1st. Thirteen days until Valentine’s Day. It hadn’t escaped Harry’s notice that there wasn’t a big difference in facing Voldemort and facing the most romantic day of the year. Both scared the wits out of him. While Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil were running around the common room, giving hints that only a troll would miss about the upcoming holiday, Ginny hadn’t said a word. Harry wasn’t sure why this was, and if he had to be honest with himself, he was afraid to ask. Recalling his one and only Valentine’s Day date with Cho the previous year simply sent shudders down his spine. This was not one of his best days. Give him a dragon to fight or a dementor to chase off, no problem. But Valentine’s Day, oh boy.

Things were just as unsettled outside the castle walls as they were inside. The Daily Prophet had been reporting stories of Death Eater attacks in towns throughout the countryside nearby. There had even been a story about an alliance of an alleged Death Eater and a Centaur, however this was greatly denounced since everyone knew Centaurs didn't trust anyone. Owls had been seen coming day and night, carrying letters from concerned parents about the safety of their children. Everyone was running around edgier than usual.

To make matters worse, Professor McGonagall had pulled Harry aside after breakfast to give him the bad news that the quidditch season had been put on hold until things calmed down. Harry’s arguments, no matter how true, that quidditch was one of the things that allowed the students an opportunity to blow off some steam, fell on deaf ears.

On top of all of this, Harry had been getting a series of visitors over the course of the past month. During January, Hogwarts had seen a revolving door of Weasleys. This struck Harry as odd for two reasons, one being he’d just spent the holidays at the Burrow under their watchful eyes. Secondly, it didn’t take Harry very long to notice not one of the Weasley brothers came to see Ron or Ginny. No, all of these loving, concerned, over-protective older brothers came to see him.

January 5th, Bill visited. According to him, he didn’t need to be back to work at Gringotts until January 15th. Fleur was visiting friends, so he thought he’d come and revisit his old stomping grounds. Charlie dropped in around January 12th or so. Hagrid, he explained, had some questions regarding dragon skincare and it was easier to describe how to apply a new experimental horn toad poultice to dragon skin rot in person than it was by owl post. On January 20th, the Twins stopped by with the excuse of delivering order forms listing the new inventory for the year. Percy, thankfully, writing he was simply too swamped at work, sent a Ministry owl on the 28th, with his full apologies, and a letter.

After the initial greetings and niceties, the Weasley brothers got down to business. Despite having chatted separately, looking back, Harry realized he had pretty much had the same conversation with each of his visitors.

“We like you!” said Bill.
“We couldn’t be happier!” insisted Charlie.
“We couldn’t have chosen anyone better than you, Harry,” assured the Twins.
“Mum and Dad are thrilled and I have to agree with them,” wrote Percy.

“You know, she is our little sister, and therefore, we will look out for her, right?” stated Bill.
“So, what are your intentions?” asked Charlie.
“Because if you hurt our little sister, Mate, we have a few new products that need to be tested,” spelled out Fred and George.
“Do not step out of line, Harry, or your future possibilities might become somewhat limited,” enforced Percy.

“We aren’t trying to scare you,” claimed Bill.
“We just want to make sure Ginny is happy,” explained Charlie.
“Because if Ginny is happy, we’re happy,” stated Fred and George.
“So, how are you going to make her happy?” inquired Percy.

“Valentine’s Day is coming up,” sighed Bill.
“And Valentine’s Day is a biggie,” observed Charlie.
“Valentine’s Day is Huge,” insisted Fred.
“Most Important,” agreed George.
“And we’re watching,” stated Percy.

Realizing that whatever he did was going to be put under the microscope, Harry thought it best to see what the brothers thought was appropriate. “So, just out of curiosity,” he had asked, “what are you getting your girlfriends for Valentine’s Day?”

“No clue,” answered Bill. “What exactly do you get a woman who is part Veela?”
“There’s a reason I’m single,” observed Charlie, somewhat resigned.
“We’ve promised not to use them as test subjects this year,” Fred and George said dejectedly.
“I’m sorry, duty calls. I shall have to get back to you on that one,” wrote Percy.

Fat lot of good they are, concluded Harry.


“It’s Valentine’s Day next week,” Hermione observed, as she settled herself into one of the comfy chairs by the fire in the Gryffindor common room that evening.

“What?!” Ginny exclaimed, looking up from the copy of One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi she’d been studying.

Hermione repeated herself, “Valentine’s Day. Cupids, hearts, flowers, chocolates.”

“I know what Valentine’s Day is, Hermione. It’s next week? Oh damn.” Ginny, swamped with O.W.L.s, worried about the postponement of quidditch, participating in the DA and of course, finding any spare time to spend with Harry, had totally lost track of the calendar.

“Harry hasn’t said a thing.”

“Either has Ron. Of course, that’s not so surprising considering it’s Ron,” observed Hermione.

“Good point. I don’t think Harry’s had good luck with Valentine’s Days in the past, either. Maybe he’d just rather skip it,” mused Ginny, somewhat hopefully.

A few minutes passed, each girl in her own thoughts. Then, Hermione leaned over and asked with interest, “So, what are you going to do for Harry?”

“Obviously, I haven’t given it a thought,” waving her arms at the stack of the books by the floor, Ginny sighed. “So, I have no clue. The last time I got him something for Valentine’s Day it wasn’t exactly a huge success,” Ginny said, cringing at the thought.

“Oh, right,” Hermione replied remembering back to the singing telegram Ginny had sent Harry in her first year. Hermione started giggling.

“Yeah,” Ginny said nodding in embarrassed agreement. “What about you? What are you doing for Ron?”

“No clue, either,” Hermione sighed, refocusing her attention on the book in her lap.

Ginny stared into the fire, her thoughts now completely off her studying. What could she do for Harry? A visit to Madame Puddifoot’s was out of the question. Nothing too big or obnoxious — that would just embarrass Harry. Once again, it needed to be something personal, from her heart. Watching the flickering flames and feeling the warmth of the fire wash over her, she soon found her eyelids getting heavy.


Ron was giving Harry a thorough thrashing at Wizard’s Chess in the Gryffindor common room. Harry’s mind wasn’t on the game. He kept replaying the visits he had from Ginny’s Personal Guard, as he was now calling them. It wasn’t like he hadn’t known what he was getting into. In fact, he had always admired the Weasley brothers and the way they supported and protected each other and their “one and only little sister.” Having quickly gotten over his annoyance, he now found himself highly amused by the fact they were as thick as he was when it came to girls.

“Hey, Harry?” Ron asked. Harry looked up and noticed Ron was staring in the direction of the fireplace. Harry looked over his shoulder and saw Hermione and Ginny sitting in the comfy overstuffed chairs, in front of the fire. Hermione was reading. It looked like Ginny had nodded off.

“Yeah?” replied Harry, a smile playing around his mouth as he watched the firelight dance over Ginny.

“When did we get so lucky? I mean, why us?” asked Ron.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked, looking back at Ron.

“Well, Hermione and Ginny. What did we do to rate two girls like them?” puzzled Ron.

Harry thought for a moment. “I have no clue.”

Insightfully, Ron answered, “We don’t deserve them.”

“Yeah, well, let’s just hope they don’t realize that,” stated Harry.

“No joke,” observed Ron, returning his attention to the chess board. “So, Harry, what are you doing for Ginny for Valentine’s Day?” he innocently inquired.

“Oh NO! Not you too! I’m going to bed. GOODNIGHT!” Harry got up and stormed up the stairs to the dorm.

From across the room, Hermione stared accusingly at Ron. “What did you do?”

“No clue. Honestly!” swore Ron.


Ginny could feel shivers radiating from Harry’s touch, his hands running up and down her spine, his lips dominating hers. Pressing herself closer to him, she wondered when did he get so solid? She was melting from the pleasure, her hands running through his soft hair, his lips trailing kisses on her neck. She thought he groaned, or was what that her? Harry’s lips reached her ear and he whispered, “Ginny, you are so beautiful, as beautiful as a leaping toadstool - GOODNIGHT!”

Beautiful as a leaping toadstool? GOODNIGHT? Ginny jerked awake, as she heard Harry storm up to his dorm. She looked around, rubbed her eyes and looked back down at the herbology book she was now hugging to her chest. I’ve got to quit relying on my subconscious when it comes to making romantic decisions, she thought wryly.

Then again, she reconsidered, as she sat up and closed her book, maybe her dream had something there. Since Valentine’s Day had been such a disaster in the past, maybe this year she could wipe the slate clean by making it fun. Possibly even by poking a little fun at herself. Smiling, Ginny reopened her book, thinking she might owe her subconscious an apology before this was all over.


As fellow students filed out the room of requirement at the end of the DA meeting, Harry’s thoughts returned to Ginny. She still hadn’t given him any hints about Valentine’s Day, and February 14th was tomorrow. He knew better than to let it just go by without acknowledging it. In the back of his mind he heard a small voice saying, “Well, mate, if you hadn’t pulled out all the romantic stops when you told her you loved her, maybe this wouldn’t be such an issue. You should have started smaller.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, he thought to himself. Ginny deserved whatever he could come up with, no matter how big. She had to put up with him, and that wasn’t easy!

Harry knew he needed some grand inspiration, and he needed it fast. Everybody around him was bouncing off the walls. Harry had spent most of the DA meeting reviewing hexes and spells they’d already worked on because he knew they wouldn’t have been able to retain anything new. Gathering his reference books and wand, he followed Ron out of the room. Ginny and Hermione were already part way down the hall, deep in conversation. As he closed the door behind him, a thought struck Harry. The Room of Requirement was a place for people to go when they had a dire need of something. Harry decided at this late date his quandary about Valentine’s Day qualified as dire. Besides, what did he have to loose? Worse case scenario, the room wouldn’t open for him.

Harry turned around. He faced the stone wall where the door to the room had just disappeared. Walking back and forth, past the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy three times, Harry concentrated on Ginny and Valentine’s Day. The polished door with the brass handle reappeared. Huh, Harry thought, and opened the door.

It was empty. Totally empty. He wondered if he was in the wrong room. He stepped back out into the hallway. Nope, there’s the tapestry…and the door is still there…he re-entered the room, the completely empty room, totally devoid of anything but himself. And then he began to smile.


Dating Harry had taught Ginny several things, one being that the boy-who-lived was not a very patient person when it came to surprises. The morning of Valentine’s Day, Ginny found herself enduring another meal with Harry glaring at her as if she was eating like a sloth. Twenty minutes passed, and thinking she’d pushed him far enough, Ginny put down her half-eaten piece of bacon and turned to Harry.

“Okay, Harry,” she said, grinning slightly, “What do you want?”

Harry grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the Great Hall, all the way up to the seventh floor, not far from the boy’s bathroom. He stopped her right in front of the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy and said, “Wait.”

Ginny watched him as he walked three times, back and forth. The door to the room of requirement appeared.

Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and led her into the room. They stopped in the middle. Harry reached out for Ginny’s other hand, and stood there studying her. Ginny looked around. Once again, the room was as Harry had found it the previous evening. It was completely empty except for the two of them.

“Harry, isn’t this the room of requirement?” puzzled Ginny.

“Yup,” answered Harry.

“Why is it empty? It’s Valentine’s Day, shouldn’t it be filled with cupids and flowers and chocolate…?” Ginny trailed off, feeling like she was missing the obvious punch line of a joke.

“Nope,” answered Harry.

Ginny furrowed her brow. “Okay, then what are we doing in here?”

“The room of requirement reflects whatever you need. Right?” explained Harry, patiently.


“Like when Fred and George needed somewhere to hide from Filch or for the the DA meetings, it’s all set up…”

“Uh-huh,” answered Ginny.

“Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s reflecting what I need for Valentine’s Day,” Harry said softly. “I don’t need anything but you.” Harry looked into her big brown eyes, smiling, and asked, “Ginny Weasley, will you be mine?”


Climbing into bed that night, Harry noticed Ron valiantly trying to keep his eyes open while reading a leather bound book.

“So, Ron, what did you get Hermione for Valentine’s Day?”

“This,” Ron said, holding up the book. “I told her I would read it.”

Harry read the gold inscription on the front: Hogwarts: A History, and grinned. “I bet she loved it!”

“Yeah,” he said, grinning back, turning pink. Ron glanced over at Harry’s bedside table. Sitting on it was a glass jar with something floating in it.

“Harry, what in the world is that?” he asked.

“Huh? Oh, that — it’s my Valentine’s Day present from Ginny,” grinned Harry. “It’s a fresh pickled toad. Says it reminds her of my eyes.”

Ron snorted with laughter as he put the book on his bedside table. He drifted off to sleep to Harry singing “My eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad…my hair is as dark as a blackboard…

Reviews 23

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