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Ask Her
By Blessed

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 6
Summary: An out take from chapter 5 of Naked where Ron takes Ginny to bed, and suddenly realises how much his missed her and perhaps get's more than what he bargained for.
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Ask Her

Ron watched his sister throw herself onto her bed, immediately curling up into a tight ball. Something He had noticed she had done since a toddler. Not that he remembered that far back, but from when she was 5 and ran into his room scared from a nightmare. Something she had done every night for years, rushing onto his bed with a force that would almost knock him out of his own bed then she would be cuddling in tight next to him. What could he do…, it was the many reasons why he had slept uncomfortably, but if he hadn’t let her, he was sure he would have been on the end of one of mum’s glares. Sighing he went to the task, one that he hadn’t done in a while. And though it may sound strange he actually sometimes missed it. He was 17, he didn’t talk to his baby sister, and if it was it was only to yell or question her. After all it was his job to protect her. But for the most part, to be honest. He had ignored her pretty much since he had started Hogwarts.

Ron paused in his thoughts for a moment while He battled with her shoes, the ones that were a size to small. He shook his head, how was it she never complained. All the pretty dress robes she could have had, the dolls and other toys, the ones she didn’t pay any mind while window shopping in diagon alley. She would wave them off carelessly. She would be a tom boy, not for herself, but for the rest of her family. And he was the only one who knew. Having caught her crying under her bed one Christmas.

............................ .......

Ron gaped, “Ginny what on earth are you doing under your bed, Mum and dad want you to come down for Dinner, if you don’t mind would you hurry up before Fred and George eat the best food”.

He was answered with a sniff.


A moment later the tear streaked face of his 10 year old sister emerged.

“I’m not hungry”

“Oh come on if this is about Harry”.

“It’s not” she interjected indignantly

He scratched his head, what was it then? , it would have to be something dreadful if it prevented a Weasley from not wanting to eat

“Are you feeling sick”? He asked concerned.


“Then what’s wrong with you”

“Nothing, just go away Ron, please”

“I’m not going to leave until you tell me”.

“You’ll miss dinner”.

Ron ignored to growling sensation in his stomach and pursed his lips. “Well, you’re more important anyway”

“I am”? , she asked in surprise

He watched her crawl out from under the bed. She didn’t speak till she was sitting atop of it.

“I guess if you’re willing to miss out on Christmas dinner for me”…

Ron held up his hand “Please Gin don’t make it any harder”.

She giggled, “As I was saying, it wouldn’t be very fair if I didn’t tell you why”.

Ron folded his arms, “Right”.

Ginny’s expression turned sober again. “It’s just my gifts”.

“What about them, you like em well enough when you opened them”

“I know, it’s just that well Bill gave me his old qui ditch book, Charlie gave me his old chasers gloves , Percy gave me his old broom, which isn’t really old I guess since he hardly flies , and Fred and George , they gave me some of their sweets to test, you gave me your old wand”.

“Which was fixed up pretty well”, stated Ron proudly.

“But you got a new one, plus mum and dad gave me and old a knitted scarf and hat that belonged to George, he grew out of it so mum fixed it up and gave it to me, did I mention it’s dark brown , nice for a girl”.

“But Ginny

“See all the stuff I got was second hand”.

Ron shook his head. “This isn’t like you”.

She nodded sadly, “I know, and don’t think I’m not ashamed because I am”.
He shrugged, “Well it was bound to happen sooner or later”

Ron took off his sweater, “Here you can have my new one”.

“But Ron”.

“Don’t worry; I don’t much like maroon anyway”.

“But you’ll be cold”

“Don’t worry about me; it’s my job to take care of you anyway”.

She flashed him a smile. And wrapped her arms around him

“Thanks Ron”.


Ron grunted as the second shoe came flying off hitting him in the face.

“Bloody hell”. He yelled

Ginny stirred “Don’t curse Ron”.

“Shut up Ginny, your suppose to be asleep”.

“I would be, if you hadn’t yelled”.

“And I wouldn’t have yelled, if your shoes weren’t so damn small for your feet”.

There was a moment’s silence, “Just be grateful you don’t have to wear them”.

“You should just tell mum and dad, they could buy you new ones”.

“Secondhand new ones with holes no thank you I’d rather have small warm ones, then ones that fit and don’t keep my feet warm, anyways I’ve been saving up for some , so I should be able to get them on the next Hogsmeade visit”.

He shook his head “About time”

Ginny yawned.

“Why are you so tired anyway”? asked Ron curiously


“Your grades aren’t slipping, you haven’t got owls this year, it’s not like you need to”

“Just being extra careful, I want to be ready for newts next year”.
“But you don’t like studying, no Weasley kid does “

“Percy does “, She whispered.

“He doesn’t count”. Ron muttered.


“Well he doesn’t”

“Look just because you’re angry at Hermione, doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk”.

“I’m not angry at Hermione”

“Ah that’s right, the reason your not talking is because of pent up frustration from keeping yourself from kissing her senseless”.

He turned red “Shut up”, He spat angrily. “And go to sleep”

“And I know it’s true otherwise you wouldn’t be so worked up about my mentioning it”.

“Well then what do you suggest I do”?

“Ask her to the ball”.

“I can’t do that”

“And why not”.

“I just can’t I don’t know how”.

“Well that’s obvious”.

Ron shot her a glare.

“Look if you don’t want to ask her in person, ask in her a love letter, girls like those type of things”.

Ron turned even redder at the thought of it, “I’m not doing that, you do it”.

“Nope, you have to, she’ll no if it’s not written by her prince charming, trust me, Hermione was not born yesterday”.

“Fine”, He answered , actually giving in.

Ginny gave him a sleepy smile.

“You’ll be thanking me for this”.

“And if it doesn’t work I’ll be ringing your neck”.

Ginny rolled her eyes before closing them.

“Just ask her”.

Reviews 6

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