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Good Memories
By Ash

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Fluff
Warnings: Death
Story is Complete
Rating: G
Reviews: 13
Summary: How would you react if like The Famous Harry Potter you discovered from a very special person something important that you never thought that existed ? He discovers something that will allow him to remember his past! Complete! Please Read =)
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Disclamer : Well, I don't own any of the characters except for little Mary. All the others belong to the brilliant J.K. Rowling!
I hope you enjoy. =) *

Good Memories

- Grandpa Harry!- said the little girl running down the stairs.

- Yes Mary? - he asked surprised with her excitement.

- Look what I found!! - and she gave to her old grandfather a letter, while she sat on his lap

- Who is it from? - he asked examining the envelope. It was old and it had the Potter Weasley mark sealing it.

- I don't know... - she said

- Oh! I think I do...
He knew it was from the love of his heart, from his beloved wife Ginny Weasley.
Harry Potter opened the letter, nervous and afraid of what he could find inside. So many years had passed and now there was a letter from her.

- So? Who is it from? - insisted the little one
Harry looked at her for a while. His granddaughter looked so much like Ginny, she had the same chocolate brown eyes and the same temper.

- It is from your grandmother - he said smiling

- Oh... - and she looked into his eyes - Do you want
me to leave so you could read it alone? - she asked

- No sweetie, you can stay.
He was moved with her behaviour. She was only a five years old little girl and acted like an old one.
He had some difficulty on opening the letter, he was old and too nervous. He could still smell the breeze of her perfume in the house, it was something he would never forget.
When the old famous Harry Potter opened the letter started to read what his love had written.

"Dear Harry,
I'm now sitting at the table on the backyard while you are playing with our daughters. You are the best father and the best husband I've ever seen, you are so kind, so sweet...
You are always there for them and for me too.
I have been so happy with you since we started our relationship at Hogwarts. That night at the Astronomy tower; the day you asked me to marry you; our wedding day and the birth of our daughters were the most wonderful days in my entire life and you were always in them.
Remember that day at the Astronomy tower? Oh... I was there quiet, watching the beautiful and shining stars while I was thinking of you. I thought that probably I would never see you again, because you were finishing your seventh year at school and would leave forever.
But suddenly I heard footsteps and then you came in. You were so nervous that I thought something bad had happened. I still remember our conversation...
- "What happened Harry?"
And you didn't answer, you just looked at me with an intense and frightened look.
- "Something happened to my brothers?" - I started to despair
- "No nothing happened to them..."
And then you approached, more and more. I was so nervous and didn't know what to do or to think, I just said the first thing that crossed my mind.
- "What the hell are you doing here?" - (I know it wasn't very kind of me... )
- "Ginny..."
Your eyes revealed everything, you loved me the way I loved you. I was so happy but I just tried to stay calm, I wanted and had to hear it first.
- "I love you..." - you finally said
We were both so nervous at that time, it was going to happen our first kiss, and the most beautiful of them all.
It was so full of magic and love, it is hard to describe what I felt that moment. I felt like I was in another world, where only you and me existed and where we could finally love each other the way we deserve.
I think you know how I felt, you must have felt it too.
And then I whispered in you hear "I love you too...". That night was the beginning of our lives together.
I remember so well when Ron found out... he punched you in the face and then gave a huge hug. I was worried at first but I know the Weasley's and they never can stay mad too long.
And then the all school found out. Parvati saw us kissing and told the all school, she was always the same thing, she couldn't hear anything that everybody would know the next minute.
Malfoy started to tease us but I think we gave him a big lesson when we made the Polisuco Potion and I was transformed into Millicent and you into him and we started snogging in the Great hall.
All students were bewildered. It was funny, but also an experience that I didn't intend to repeat.
The day you asked me to marry you was the most unexpected of my life. I was starting my new job at the Ministry of Magic. I had a lot of work and Percy was pressuring me so much. I had to control myself not to punch him in front of his colleagues.
When I returned to The Burrow you were all waiting me for dinner. I remember I gave you a quick kiss and didn't give too much attention to you. I was so tired, I'm sorry.
We all sat at the table as a regular day. I noticed the food was special but didn't tell anything. Mom always had those days when she liked to bake a special and different meal.
Than when everybody finished desert you rose and took a little box from your jacket. I looked at it but didn't realise what it was.
You pulled me up and said "Ms. Ginny Weasley would give me the honour of being my beloved wife, the mother of my children and the woman of my life?"
I was suprised, I never thought you would ask me to marry you. You asked permission to my parents just like the old ways.
I was speechless, it was my dream coming true. I saw on my brothers eyes and in yours expectation. You were all waiting for my answer and I was speechless.
Hermione noticed it and gave me some water. I thanked her so much for her act.
I cleared my throat, looked into your eyes and said with all my heart the word you were all waiting for, "Yes".
Since that day time flew. We had so much work preparing the wedding. Thank God we had our family helping us.
We tried to plan a small wedding, but we knew so many people that it was impossible. I remember all the fights we all had, specially with mom. She didn't let me forget any aunt, uncle, cousin... but she was right.
Professor Dumbledore was very kind on letting us marry at the place we were so happy, at Hogwarts. On those green camps.
Everything was so beautiful and wonderful, I never thought I could be so happy in my entire life.
The day of our wedding was, how should I say, marvellous. Everything went well, since the guests to the food and to the kindness of the waiters.
My father was so nervous, I think more than I was, but I understand. I was his only baby daughter and I was getting married.
Mom tried to calm him down while I finished dressing but I think she didn't have any luck.
When I was prepared and looked at the mirror I thought I was in a dream and that I didn't want to wake up. I was ready to deliver my body, my soul and my love to the man of my life, to you.
Hermione was there helping me and started to cry. She was so excited as I was and so happy for us. She confessed me that was very proud and that one day expects that Ron will have the courage to ask her to marry him. I know he will.
When I left the dormitory and entered the Great Hall with my father I saw him crying. It broke my heart and I almost started to cry too, but I tried to keep my strength and I said to him "I love you daddy and don't worry, you won't loose a daughter, you'll win a son.". Then he stopped crying, smiled at me and gave me a kiss in my forehead.
All that way since the door to the place where you were, many things crossed my mind... our first kiss, our first fights and our first night together on the last day at Hogwarts before you left.
All those memories gave me the courage to continue my way and get to you.
When I felt all those eyes starring at me I felt uncomfortable but very special at the same time. It was unique, because that was our day.
Finally my father delivered my hand to my beloved fiancé. I felt you shaking and with my smile and my look I tried to calm you down. I was successful, you understood my signal.
I was so nervous and afraid at that moment that I didn't hear what the wizard said. Only the "Yes, I do", the ring part and of course the kissing part are still in my memory.
I just wanted to be with you, to say to you how charming you were that day and that I loved you so much.
When the ceremony ended and all our friends started to congratulate us, I couldn't help but cry. It was too much for me, I felt so week at that moment.
At the reception I felt like I was in heaven. Everything was so perfect, all the details... I still remember everything like it was today.
Our dance, when we cut the cake, all the kisses, all the presents... everything.
Our wedding was one of the best things that ever happened in my life, the first one was meeting you...
We were so tired that night, you were angry because your shoes were hurting your feet and I just wanted my bed at The Burrow.
We said goodbye to all our guests and left. We had The Burrow just for us that night, they all slept at their girlfriends houses and mom and dad slept at Hermione's.
It was strange arriving there and the house being empty, but it was so peaceful. You hold me in your arms and said "You were so beautiful today, I thought I was living a dream" and I just smiled happy of finally being your wife.
You took me to our bedroom and now that we were husband and wife nobody could say anything or try anything to stop us.
It was the best wedding night I could ever had, I felt so warm and safe in your arms. That night I knew that we would never be separated and that you would always protect me and your family.
The next morning they arrived, a little bit early for me. We took a bath together, we dressed and went downstairs.
It was strange to see my family starring at me like a married woman and not as a baby girl anymore.
The years passed and our love grew stronger and stronger until I gave you the news. You fainted when I told you that you were going to be a father. Everybody laughed and I remember George and Fred teasing you all day.
Mom took extra care of me when you left to defeat Voldemort. I was so afraid you wouldn't come back.
If that happened I knew I would die at that moment. The month you were far from home seemed to me like a year, a year of suffer. I felt like I was dead inside.
When you returned safe I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing, I started to cry and you ran in my direction to hug me tight. You were there and you had defeated Lord Voldemort for once. No more nightmares and no more crying.
Two months later I was having our children. Yes, they were twins, two little baby girls. I always knew but never told you.
I knew it was your dream and I wanted to surprise you. When you were in the birth room and you found out, you fainted again.
You were so worried with me and with your daughters, you were so kind to us.
Unfortunately I didn't see your first contact with them but when the nurse put in my arms those little babies I felt like I was the happiest woman on earth.
They were so like you. Mom says they looked like me but I never agreed.
When we had to choose the names, do you remember the fights?
Thanks to Hermione I chose one name to one of them and you to the other. And so we did, I chose Lilly and you Abigail. Lilly Weasley Potter and Abigail Weasley Potter.
And since than we have been educating our daughters the best way we can, with the help of our family.
I wrote this letter my love, to thank you for all those wonderful moments you have been giving me since we are together.
You are know looking at me with those passionate eyes, it is time for me to go.
I love you and I always will love you Harry Potter with all the fibres of my being.
Always yours,
Ginny Weasley Potter "

When Harry finished reading the letter he was crying. All those moments that he had spent with his love, all those hours, minutes and seconds were the best of his life.
He always loved her and still does now that she is gone. He never forgot her and will never do.
Now their daughters were married women and had their own children. Harry loves his grandchildren and dedicates to them all the time he has left. He knows it isn't too much.
Mary was now watching her grandfather, the famous Harry Potter crying like a baby. She knew that the letter had something bad written in it and she didn't know what to do to help him.

- Grandpa? - she asked carefully - Are you okay?

- Yes sweetie I am. - he answered while drying his tears

- What Grandma said? Is she okay?
Harry smiled, so young and so clever - She is in heaven dear and there everybody is okay.

- That heaven? - she asked pointing to the sky

- Yes, that heaven.

- Will she come back one day?

- No, I'm afraid not. But one day we will all join her.

- I don't want you to go too! - she said crying and hugging him tight

- One day I'll go, I have to tell your grandma how you, your brothers and cousins are. She never met you.

- But... she can't see us from up there?

- I believe she can, but I know she wants me to tell her everything with all the details.

- Okay, but... can I join you one day? - she asked
with her eyes already red

- Yes, but only when you are very old like me. - he smiled and gave her a hug - Now go call your cousins. It is almost dinner time.

She walked slowly towards the stairs and looked back once more. The little girl waved a goodbye and left.
Harry was proud of his daughters and his grandchildren. He was ready to go home.
He cried once more while he read the letter and knew what he had to do. He grabbed his jacket and his walking stick and went to the place where Ginny was buried.
It was near the lake at The Burrow, her favourite place and where all the family was. They had made a little cemetery there for the Weasley family. Molly, Hermione and Ginny had begged for it.
When he reached his wife grave he kneeled and said:

- Ginny my love, I read your letter now and I want you to know that I also love you with all the fibres of my being.
Oh.. I miss you so much Gin, I miss your eyes, your skin, your hair... I can't handle this anymore. Every second without you is like a knife piercing my heart. Please take me with you. Our daughters are fine and our grandchildren are growing well. I need you Gin.. please...

It was night and it was getting cold. Harry felt the wind blowing harder and harder and felt a light behind him.
He turned around, he was nervous but he saw who he had waited for all these years.
She was young again, like she was twenty years old, beautiful as always. He knew what she was doing there, she heard him and was there to take him with her.

- Hello my love. - she said. Her voice sounded like music to his ears. He was happy again.

- Gin... - he said- Oh... Gin...

- It is time sweetie for you to come with me. Now we can live together forever.
Harry quickly dropped his walking stick and stretched his arm trying to reach her, but she was looking somewhere else.

- What is it dear? - he asked her.
When he turned around to see what had taken her attention he saw his granddaughter Mary frightened. The little girl approached him.

- Mary, you must go home now. - he told her but the girl was still walking towards him

- Who is she Grandpa? - she asked curious - Is she an angel?

- Yes she is... - he said smiling - She is your grandmother Ginny.
The little girl was surprised - She is so pretty... Hello grandma Ginny...

- Hello my dear - she answered bewildered with her behaviour

- Are you here to take Grandpa? - Mary was already crying

- Yes dear, his time as arrived. I'm afraid he has to leave. - Ginny wanted to hug her granddaughter but she couldn't - Don't be sad...

- No... it's just I'm going to miss you so much grandpa... - she ran into his arms - I know you want to leave and be with Grandma, and I know you have to go.
Harry cried while he hugged one last time his beloved granddaughter.

- Bye sweetie. - he said - I'll see you again one day. Don't cry.

- Bye Bye grandpa, I love you.
Harry waved her a goodbye and told her to go inside and not to tell anybody what she saw.

- Bye - they said
And the girl ran into the house crying.

- It is time - she said while drying her tears.
Harry grabbed her hand and crossed to other world where all his family and friends were waiting for him. Ron and Hermione were crying like two babies and tried to say "Hello".
His parents were also there, he started to feel nervous. It was the first time he met them.
Ginny gave a kiss to her husband and whispered in his ear "I missed you so much my love, welcome back". Harry smiled.
All the friends and family approached and started to hug him. Harry Potter was finally at home, were he belonged.
The End
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Well this is it. I know it isn't too much and that it isn't anything special but this is my first fanfiction and the inspiration came while I was washing my teeth at night (lol)
Sorry for the English mistakes and please please please review! *
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