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Category: Dream Adventure Challenge (2005-3)
Genres: Angst, Fluff
Warnings: Death
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 18
Summary: Once upon a time, ther lived a wizard prince. Though only a teenager, he had an unusual wish, a wish most of us take for granted.
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“Once upon a time, there lived a prince, a wizard prince to be exact. Unlike other princes, this prince had neither a happy childhood nor love from his family. This prince was orphaned when one Halloween night a power hungry madman visited the prince’s house. The madman killed the prince’s father when he stood against him so that his wife and son could escape.”

“Stand aside girl,” the madman ordered.

“No, please not my son,” she begged the madman.

“He killed the prince’s mother and turned his weapon on the prince. Surprisingly, the spell that should have killed the prince rebounded on its originator. Weakened, the mad man left. The prince was left at his aunt’s doorstep. This aunt was the prince’s mother’s sister, but the aunt hated her sister and usually pretended that her sister did not exist. For the first ten years of his life, the prince had to sleep in a broom cupboard; he was his cousin’s punching bag, and never experienced as so much as an ounce of love from his aunt’s family. However, when the prince was 11 years old, he received a letter from another castle, offering him a place for his education. Not any normal education, but a wizarding education. The prince gladly accepted the offer and the castle became the prince’s home. It was during the train ride to the castle that the prince met his soon-to-be best friends, and they had many adventures together. It was also at that train station that he caught a glimpse of his future wife. However, when the prince was fifteen, he suffered grief beyond words and learned of his terrible burden. The pit of emptiness in his soul was so great that the prince began thinking of some dream adventure.”

The child sitting beside you pipes up, “But the prince had one particular adventure in his mind.”

You look at the child. Brown eyes meet green eyes. “Yes, he only had one dream adventure.”

“Please tell me again the story of the prince’s dream adventure, Mummy.”

Your mind cannot help but wander back to that day…


“Hey Luna, mind if we join you? All the other carriages are full.”

The Ravenclaw sixth year looked up from the copy of The Quibbler she was reading and stared at Ginny with a dreamy expression for a full minute before replying. “Go ahead.” She returned her attention back to The Quibbler, absent-mindedly stroking her wand, which was at its usual place; behind her ear.

Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Neville hurried into the compartment before the dreamy witch could change her mind. Hermione settled Crookshanks on her lap just as the Hogwarts Express pulled out of Hogsmeade Station.

Ron turned to Hermione. “So, what are your plans for summer holiday?

“Well, normal stuff, of course, but there is one place I’ve read about I wish I could visit…” Hermione began.

“What if money, knowledge and skills didn’t matter, Hermione?” Ginny suggested.

“If money, knowledge and skills didn’t matter? Hmm…I guess I would be visiting Atlantis, the lost civilization.”

“The lost civilization? What is that?” Neville asked.

“It was said that Atlantis existed over 11,000 years ago, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, populated by a noble and powerful race. The island was a centre for trade and commerce, supposedly the domain of Poseidon, god of the sea. When he fell in love with Cleito, a mortal woman, he created a dwelling at the top of a hill near the middle of the island and surrounded the dwelling with rings of water and land to protect her.”

Harry turned to look at his best friend. “Erm…Hermione, you are not telling us a Greek love story are you?”

Ron sniggered at Harry’s comment but was quieten by Hermione and Ginny’s combined glare. He cleared his throat nervously. “So-er- should we go back to your story then?”

Hermione made a small noise at the back of her throat but continued anyway. “To facilitate travel and trade, a water canal was cut through of the rings of land and water running south to the sea. The city of Atlantis was a densely populated area where the majority of the population lived. The climate was such that two harvests were possible each year. One in the winter fed by the rains, and one in the summer fed by irrigation from the canal.”

“They actually harvest during winter? Amazing. Madam Pomprey would be interested. I have great respect for Madam Pomprey but making plants grow during harsh winter climate is out of her expertise. What else do they have?” Neville piped in.

Hermione brightened at Neville’s interest. “Surrounding the plain to the north were mountains that soared to the skies. Villages, lakes, rivers, and meadows dotted the mountains. Besides the harvests, the island provided all kinds of herbs, fruits, and nuts. An abundance of animals, including elephants, roamed the island. For generations the Atlanteans lived simple, virtuous lives, but then they began to change. Greed and power began to corrupt them.”

“Did the Gods punish them?” Ginny asked the older witch.

“Oh yes. When Zeus saw the immorality of the Atlanteans, he gathered the other gods to determine a suitable punishment. Soon, in one violent surge of seawater, it was gone -- The island of Atlantis, its people, and its memory were swallowed by the sea. Some believe that the story of Atlantis was inspired by catastrophic events, which may have destroyed the Minoan civilization on Crete and Thera. Still others maintain that the story is an accurate representation of a long lost and almost completely forgotten land.” Hermione finished her story.

“But, what would you do there, ‘Mione?” her boyfriend asked

“Imagine the opportunity just simply walking around the island admiring the picturesque scenery, learning of their civilization and knowledge. Some experts believe that their technological expertise superseded that of ours. I could spend the whole day at their library poring over ancient scrolls and making notes on those achievements.” Hermione flushed with excitement at the prospect of spending a day at the lost civilization, going through their texts and parchments. “It would be a great experience, even if I could not do magic or my wand wouldn’t work there. Would you accompany me there Ron?”

“Er-I guess so. But — but you said that the island was swallowed by the sea. How would we go there? ” Ron stammered.

“Aqualungs, Ron.” Hermione chided her boyfriend.

“Or you could use Gillyweed, like Harry did during Triwizard Tournament. He was under the lake for so long that he seemed to enjoy it.” Ginny said slyly.

“What! Are you kidding Ginny? I was soaked to the bone. My watch stopped. The gauge was broken so I couldn’t tell how long I was in there. Never in my life will I do that again, NEVER,” Harry emphasised.

Luckily, the compartment door slid open at that moment, and Seamus and Lavender struck their heads in.

“Hey guys, mind if we join you?”

“Yeah sure, we were just telling each other our dream adventure, you know where money, knowledge or skills do not matter.” Ginny said enthusiastically.

“It would be great if I could see the Artemia Fertila.” Luna began with a dreamy expression.

Seamus turned to her. “Sorry, er- Artemia - er - what?”

The dreamy girl replied. “Artemia Fertila, fertility creatures. You eat one of its eggs and you will become fertile. I respect Madam Pomfrey, but she just wouldn’t believe me that Artemia Fertila’s eggs could cure infertility.”

Hermione couldn’t resist rolling her eyes.

“Artemia Fertila are the most ancient magical creatures in the Romans’ history. They are almost like mermaids but live on land. They are draped with eggs from waist down, just like the goddess Artemis. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to go to Ephesus -- according to records, Artemia Fertila usually can be found at Ephesus. I could watch them, live with them, and probably get a few eggs too.”

“They let you take their eggs?” Ron snickered.

Luna continued as if she has not been interrupted. “You know, Artemia Fertila originated from the planet Jupiter. They first arrived at Ephesus and found the people there welcomed them, so they decide to settle there. However, Herostratus, a young Ephesian….” Luna droned on and on.

Harry was losing concentration fast. If only he could visit the place again…

“"Earth to Harry, Earth to Harry..." Harry blinked as Ginny waved a hand in front of his face. "Harry, what are you thinking about? I've asked you the same question three times now."


"We're supposed to be telling each other what we would like to do during summer holidays, remember? What would you like to do?”

“Huh me? Well, I…I was thinking… that is — I —…”Harry trailed off

“Just say it, Harry,” The red-haired girl smiled.

“I was thinking of visiting the other side of the veil at Department of Mysteries.”

Everyone stopped talking at once. The atmosphere, which had been happy and relaxed before, turned abruptly into a tense one. Despair was hanging in the air; a Dementor might have entered their compartment for all it mattered. Ron and Hermione cringed at their memories of Department of Mysteries.

Seamus looked from Harry to Ron. Ron looked slightly green and Harry was looking as if he might be sick at any moment. There must be something strange happening “Er-The Department of Mysteries? Where is that?”

Neville stood up suddenly. “I’m going to Dean’s compartment. Come on, Seamus. Dean said that he would be showing us something. Luna and Lavender should come too.”

“He did?”

“Yes, he did. Come on.” He half pushed, half dragged Luna, Lavender and Seamus from their seats.

“Neville, why--” They did not hear the rest of Seamus protest as the compartment door closed.

Ginny turned to Harry timidly, “Harry?”

“I miss them so much, Gin. I wish I could spend some time with them, even if it’s only for one day. One day, that’s all I would need. I never had a chance to live with a normal family, laughing with each other, enjoying quality time together, things other normal kids do.”

“Oh Harry,” Ginny pulled Harry into a tight embrace. Silent tears streaked down her face. “One day Harry, you will meet them again, but not yet. They will be waiting for you but you have to live a fulfilling life first. You promised to protect for me for life, Harry. I want a human husband, not a ghost husband.” Ginny tried to make light of the situation.

Harry looked at Ginny. What had he done to deserve her? He resolved there and then that he would always cherish Ginny. He gave Ginny a weak smile. “Yeah, one day… but not now.”

Harry tried to divert the attention from him. “What about you Ginny?”

“I-I was thinking about this place that I read in a series of Muggle books called “The Chronicles of Narnia.” There are seven books in the series. Aslan, a wise lion, created the land Narnia, a lush green land where beasts were able to talk. A boy called Diggory planted the Tree of Protection so that the evil Witch Jadis would not harm Narnia. Jadis entered Narnia but flew to the far North.”

“And? What happened at Narnia? ” Harry asked.

“Nine hundred years later, The White Witch returned to Narnia and the long winter began. She had reign for about hundred years when four siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevense, enter Narnia. Edmund, however, sided with The White Witch.”

“Which is exactly what one hypocrite Weasley did,” Ron fumed.

Ginny froze at the anger in Ron’s voice.

“Ron, Percy will come to his senses soon. Let bygones be bygones,” Hermione tried to soothe her boyfriend.

“Erm-Hermione’s right, Ron. Ginny, will you please continue your story?” Harry turned to Ginny before Ron could say no.

“Erm-right. Edmund soon learned of his errors and returned to Aslan’s side. As a result of Edmund’s treachery, The White Witch wants to kill him, but Aslan sacrificed himself instead. In a later war, The White Witch was defeated and the Long Winter ended. Peter became the High King of Narnia. Then, when the Pevensies were hunting the White Stag, they stumbled upon the lamppost that leads back to their world and vanished out of Narnia.”

“They just vanished out of Narnia? Did they not go back after that?” her brother asked.

“Well, one hundred years later of Narnian time, Eustace, the Pevensie’s cousin and Jill, his friend reappear in Narnia and rescue Prince Rilian. In later years, there was a rebellion by Shift the Ape. King Tirian, the last King of Narnia was rescued by Eustace and Jill but Narnia fell into the hands of the Calormenes. The last battle of Narnia was fought there. It signified the end of Narnia and of the World.”

Sounds pretty close to what is happening to wizarding world now. The second war is coming. It might very well be the last battle… Shut it, Potter. You have reasons to live now! Harry shook himself out of his reverie. Ginny was near the end of her story now.

“Imagine living there during the time of High King Peter. It was peaceful and it marked the Golden Age of Narnia. The adventures I could have… I would like to settle and built a home there — with- er-”

Ginny risked a glace at Harry.

“With whom, Ginny?” Harry asked innocently, staring at Ron at the same time.

Ginny look shyly at Harry, “With you...”

“Great Scott, Ginny. Keep your hands to yourself. Living in Narnia, indeed!” Ron was looking more and more agitated with every passing moment. His face was red, Weasley hair red. He looked as if his head was on fire.

“Ron, I did not do anything. You knew where my hands were. Anyway, what I do with my hands has got nothing to do with you.” Ginny couldn’t help but to provoke her brother further.

The provocation was stopped short when Hermione stood up. “Come on, Ron. Prefect duties,” and she pulled Ron from his seat. Ginny could swear that she saw Hermione gave her a wink when the older witch closed the compartment door.
The compartment was blissfully peaceful. Only Harry and Ginny were inside now. After a few minutes…

“I do,” Harry said simply.

“I–What? What did you mean, Harry?”

“Golden Age of Narnia. I do.”

“You —you do?” Ginny searched Harry’s face for answer.

Harry nodded.
“But five years ago, the prince’s dream adventure came true. He joined his parents and godfather at the other side of the veil,” the child says, stifling a sob.

You trace the words of the tombstone in front of you. It reads:

Harry James Potter
Alive in the loving memories of wife and son

“Those that love us never truly leave us. Be happy for the prince that he has found his peace,” you whisper.

The wind blows at that exact moment. Leaves rustle and you swear you could almost hear Harry whispering back to you, “Thank you, Ginny.”

A/N: A million thanks to Robert, Jennifer and Arnel who beta read this for me.

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