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Not Even Angels Die Alone
By Genkai

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Fluff
Warnings: Death
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 12
Summary: Harry has contracted a serious virus. He will die in a matter of years. (The healers predict about 2) Nothing anyone can say will ease his pain. But there is one person who hasn't tried yet.
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"Harry," said Ron, pleadingly.
"Come on, Harry," said Hermione, gingerly.
"Harry dear, "said Mrs. Weasly.
"Harry, the doctor says you have at least 2 years left. Lets make it worth something," said Lupin.
"Just go away! Please!" yelled Harry, his voice muffled from beneath his pillow."I dont want to talk to ANY of you!"
"Harry, I - "
"Leave him alone," said a new voice. "I'll stay with him."
As evryone else filed out, harry cried, "Please leave!!"
"Harry, do you know who this is?" the voice asked.
"I dont care!" he retorted.
Harry, I love you. I'm here for ANYTHING you want. If you REALLY want me to leave, I'll leave. But I don't think thats really what you want."
"Ginny?" harry asked, looking up.
"One in the same," she replied
The first smile harry had smiled in weeks began to show through.
'Ginny, I've missed you. After my parents, my godfather, Cedric, Cho.... I couldn't bear to lose you too."
"I know," she replied. Then Harry began to cry. He sobbed into her shoulder, crying and talking at the same time.
"...and they don't know if I can go back to work or ANYTHING! They want me to just stay here the whole 2 years..."
"Harry, from what I've heard, they want you to live normally for the rest of your life. They want you to go back home, back to work, back to FRIENDS. The Aurors need you, Ron needs you, hermione needs you, and I need you, Harry.
"Thank you, Ginny. I just have one question for you. We both know i'm going to die... there's no way to avoid it. And... I just wanted to know... er... will you... Will you Marry me?" asked Harry, sheepishly.
"Harry... I've waited for so long to hear that. I will do anything for you. Yes, I will. I will marry you."
"Really?" asked Harry. The small smile he had begun to show grew into a full grin.
"Shall I call a doctor then, to help you out of bed, Mr. Potter?"
"I think I can manage, Mrs. Potter," Harry repliied.

Two years later, Harry was at the hospital again, for three reasons. The first was a small checkup to see how the virus was spreading. The second was to see his newborn son, Sirius James Potter. The third to see his new daughter, Lily Hermione Potter. (In case you couldn't guess, They has twins.)
As Harry walked into the delivery room, he was shocked. Everyone jumped out at him with mingled yells of "SURPRISE!" or "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!" It was July 24, Harry had totally forgotten. The Healers had allowed special permission for a party in the ward. Harry was having such a good time, he forgot to take his medecine. Someone had started some music, and was playing Harry and Ginny's wedding song - No day but today. Harry began to cry out of sheer joy. It reminded him of all the things he had done in the last few years that he might have missed if it weren't for ginny. Ghe looked over at him and smiled. As there eyes made contact and their lips touched, Harry began to feel dizzy. A moment later, he had collapsed onto the floor, still cring into the putterdish of Ginny's hospital tray.

The funeral was a few days later. Practically the entire wizarding world came. Everyone from Snape, who hated and loathed Harry, to Ginny, Ron and Hermione, his best friends, and his wife. Everyone was cring, except Ginny. Everyone was puzzled, and confused. Had she used him just for fame? For money?
"I'm Rita Skeeter, here with harry Potter's Widow, Ginny Potter. Some people have noticed, Ginny, that you are the only person not crying, and you were closest to him of all. Could you please explain to our readers?"
"Certainly," said Ginny. "I'm not crying, because I know that harry would not be. The last words he ever heard were these - "There is no future, there is no past, thank God this moments not the last. The're's only us, there's only this, give in to love, or life is yours to miss. Those were the words to our wedding song, and the words of our life. Harry gave in to his love, and lived his life to the fullest. I know, because of his last gift to me."
She reched into the front of her robes, and pulled out a silver chain, with a silver teardrop at the end.
"The last thing he ever did was to cry in joy, and he cried onto a silver dish. Before anyone could clean it up, I pulled out my wand, and caught two tears in their silver counterparts. Harry has one, and I have the other. It sould remind me, and remind everyone of one thing. Not even angels die alone."
And with that, Ginny breathed her last breath, and was laid in the coffin besides her husband. And everyone there that day knew one thing. Two angels had just died together.

The song No day but Today is from rent, so they deserve the props. I just put it down in type.
Reviews 12

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