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The Ending
By cuzimbrilliant

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Category: Post-HBP
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, Neville Longbottom, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Death, Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: *** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated since 2005 ***

Totally Ron and Hermione, but only for this first chapter. It is also sort of in the middle of the story, but the rest of it isn't completed, but hopefully it isn't confusing without the rest of it. In the end of the Trio's Hogwarts experiences, a lot can happen, between friends, relationships, more schooling, the world comeing to an end, and Harry having to face the inevitable.

oh, yeah, just to let you know, i don't own anything. Just an iPod and really cool pants. Other than that, these characters, the song by DHT, (which is beautiful!) and the storyline that this one follows is not mine. It entirely belongs to J.K. Rowling and DHT! I wish I was a brilliant as one of them, but i am not, so y'all will just have to deal!
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The dark night enveloped Hermione while she sat alone on her bed. She had never had this much time on her hands this early at night. Ever since the beginning of this term, she had had homework to grade, lessons to plan, spells to memorize, and still had to juggle her friendships. But tonight, she had no priorities to her thoughts. It was the day before Christmas Break and she had not assigned homework. She didn't have a class the next day and all she had to worry about was her apperating spell. Well, she really didn't have to worry about that either. However, she was still worried about a thousand different things.
She could tell the Harry and Ginny still cared for each other, but Harry was being stubborn, as usual, and not allowing them to get any closer. She could sense Ginny growing weaker. Whenever Hermione taught Ginny, she was unfocused. Ginny often wore a dazed _expression, and also looked as if she had been crying a lot. What was worse, Ginny refused to talk about it. And Harry still loved her. Hermione could tell by the look in their eyes that they needed one another, but Harry was so afraid that Voldemort would take advantage of the fact that the had grown close to Ginny. What scared Hermione though was the fact that Harry could bring down a girl as strong as Ginny Weasley.
Another issue that clouded over her mind was what had happened in Hogsmead earlier that term. Most of the stores had refused to re-open after the attack. Only Fred and George had had the courage to keep W.W.W. open. But it wasn't doing as well as it had five months previously. The Death Eaters had wreaked mass havoc, showing no mercy. Percy Weasley was dead, and Minerva was still in St. Mungos, suffering from severe head injuries.
This is infuriated Hermione. When she was still young and had no idea about the Wizarding world, she thought that magic would cure everything. Hermione convinced herself that if she were magical, nothing would ever die nor suffer. Now, she knew that magic couldn't prevent death, illness, or pain. Even with power beyond comprehension at the tips of her fingers, Hermione still had no control over anything.
She didn't even have control over her own mind. Yes, she was aware of the turmoil in the world, Wizarding and Muggle. And yes, she knew about the death and pain that the power of dark magicians were causing everywhere. But she couldn't cry about it. She couldn't cry for Ginny, Harry, the Weasleys, or Headmistress McGonagall. She couldn't shed tears for the fact that Dumbledore was dead. She couldn't weep for the inevitable suffering the world was faced with everyday. Instead, she cried for herself. She was faced with a problem so mediocre compared to everyone else’s, yet she still felt her heart torn into millions of pieces and the salty tears roll down her rosy cheeks.
She loved him. It was really that simple. Actually, it was a little more complex than just those three words. She needed him. She wanted him. However, there was an invisible force that closed her mouth whenever she wanted to tell him. There was an even stronger force that pulled her back whenever she wanted to lean in and kiss him. But there was no force to stop the tears. And the force was non-existent when she was alone and whispered the sweet words to herself. She realized that they had something that might work, but she often found reality contradicting her thoughts. They were opposite, like night and day. They basically had no common ground. They were just always with each other. Hermione had to thank Harry for that.
She thanked destiny for Harry Potter and that fact that he became friends with Ronald Weasley. She also thanked Neville, for losing Trevor that first day on the train. She might have mad a fool of herself as a first impression, but at least she had had a reason to make a first impression. And, most of all, she had to thank the sorting hat. Either that or her own mind, tricking it into thinking she was brave. She never thought of herself as brave nor outgoing. (If she were either, wouldn't she have talked to Ron by now?) She knew she was intelligent. She had never done anything extremely daring, she had only read about daring acts done by other people. But the sorting hat knows best, and she needed to thank the hats' intellect as well as anything else.
However, knowing Ron wasn't enough now. Now, she couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep, all she could do was weep. It was extreme because she had dreams, she screamed, and only because she loved someone. She felt it so strongly, she hoped it wasn't wrong. She wanted say, "Let me be your someone." She wished she were someone to hold him tight, and make him feel all right, everyday and night. She wished she were his someone. Someone to hold him when he was weak, someone to make him feel complete, everyday and night, she wished she was his someone. All she wanted to say was, "Can I be your someone?"
He was always on her mind. She fantasized about his warm embrace. She wanted to hold him and make him feel all right. She wanted to make him feel complete. Was this bad? Was it a crime to want him this badly? She couldn't decide, and this scared her to death. It scared her more than anything ever had over the past six years of her life, in witch she had encountered Death Eaters, killing curses, loved ones dying, and treason. What was wrong with her? She had grown up in one of the most dangerous time periods in the Wizarding worlds' history, and she was afraid of her future with a boy?
"He's not just some boy!" She thought. "He is the love of my life. If anything ever happened to him, I wouldn't be able to go on. I wouldn't have a reason to live." And as she thought of this, her thoughts took her through the minds' labyrinth of the dreaded, "What if..."
She had the inkling that he had something for her, but it was small. Microscopic when you compared it to her affection for him. He was confusing, because he was a sweetheart one moment, then the next, they were arguing over something as stupid as what ingredient to put into the potion next. It was frustrating.
She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to fall asleep. But everything kept her awake. The silence was too loud. The darkness was too light. The cold was too warm. The taste of nothing that lay on her tongue was too bitter. The numbing absence of pain was too painful. After five minutes of eternally trying to drift into slumber with no avail, Hermione rose out of her bed. She slowly tiptoed across the room, aware of every noise she made even though nobody else was there. The door creaked open, revealing the staircase to the Great hall and the other staircase that lead to Ron and Harry’s' room. Hermione forced herself to go downstairs. No matter how much she didn't want to, she had to wait.
As Hermione crept through the vacant halls of Hogwarts, she knew she shouldn't feel at all guilty for being out this late. She was a teacher after all. And even if she still was a student, teachers didn't patrol the halls anymore. Still, as she rounded every corner with extreme caution, she desperately wished that she had Harry’s invisibility cloak.
The castle was dark and cold, as normal. But tonight, it felt even colder. It had a lonely air to it, one that it had never had to Hermione. For the past six years, she felt at home here. This basically was her home. But tonight, she felt out of place.
Even though it was pitch black, Hermione didn't feel the need to draw her wand, or anything for that matter, for light. She once almost fell down through the mischievous stairs that liked to disappear, but she swore that right before she took a step, a light from behind her turned on. She looked down at the plunge that would have caused death, then back at the source of light, but by that time, it was gone. Once she was sure there were more stairs, she moved on, trying not to dwell on the freaky coincidence that had just occurred.
As soon as she was outside, the chilly night air felt relieving. Hermione took a deep breath and could feel the icy chill settle on her insides. She stood there for a couple minutes before moving through the knee-deep snow and out of the shadow of the castle.

Sitting beside the lake, Hermione was illuminated by the silvery sheen created by the moon. Her hair was put up in a messy bun, and she was wearing a casual pair of jeans and a sweater. She wasn't even aware of how beautiful she looked without even trying. She barely stirred as she sat there. It looked as if she was meditating. He wondered what she was thinking about so contently.
He made no noise as he walked through natures powdered sugar. Even if he had, she would not have noticed. She was deep in thought. He stood directly behind her, admiring her without shame. She sat; unaware of his presence, just pondering over what she could say that held correct meaning. Finally, he sat down next to her and causes her heart to race.
Hermione smiled at Ron, happy that they were alone together, but caught off guard by the abruptness of it all. Ron smiled as well, unsure of himself and what he was about to do. IT was silent for a while, except for the occasional stir of the water and the creatures in the Forbidden Forest. Then, the magical tension was broken.
"Hermione?" It was soft and beautiful, the way her said her name. "I just wanted to say that..." He faltered. But Hermione held up her hand, signaling for him to stop anyways. Bewildered, he did as he was told, and found himslef staring into Hermione’s' bright brown eyes. They seemed to get closer and closer by the second. Now, he could see specks of gold in her eyes. He could see the remnants of tears lay on her eyelashes. He realized that his heartbeat speed up, and his ears were putting his own hair color to shame. He broke eye contact when his gaze drifted to her lips. They glistened with natural beauty. Actually, it wasn't just her lips, it was her entire body. Hermione as a whole shimmered naturally. Suddenly, time came to a halt as his dreams and most heartfelt desires became reality.
Their lips brushed past each other’s briefly, and Hermione started to back away. Her mind was rushing with thugs, afraid of what she had just proposed. Was it too rash? Did he want her to do that? She got an unspoken answer as Ron pulled her back. This time, it was passionate and time truly stopped just for them.
Hermione’s' mind fogged over, not letting her think anymore about anything. She could only feel. She closed her eyes and mind so she could forget about her worries and just get lost in the moment. She felt his warm lips against here, and his tongue slightly licking her lips. His cold hands were placed in the perfect spots, one holding the back of her head, and the other slowly making its' way down her back. She wrapped her own hands around his body and just let everything glide past her.
They leaned in closer to each other, and their bodies fused together. It seemed as if they couldn't let go of each other. But she didn't care if they couldn't be separated. In Ron’s' arms, Hermione felt complete.
After one thousand millenniums squeezed into ten blissful minutes, they separated slightly. Well, just at the lips. They still held each other. They were truly unwilling to ever let go. They hugged each other tightly, soaking up the wonderful feelings they shared. She leaned her head on his shoulder and whispered softly into his ears.
"I want to be your someone who can hold you tight and make you feel alright. Someone to hold you when you're weak and make you feel complete. Everyday and night, can I be your someone?"
Ron wiped away her tears and kissed her once again. Confidently, he gently held her and looked her straight in her gorgeous eyes.
"YES!'' He whispered in return.
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