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My name is Maya.
And I am addicted to Harry Potter.

I really have my sister to blame for this, she first give it to me, taunted me said how good it would make me feel, how wonderful it is so I started small; it always starts small, but I was strong I pushed it away, ignored it for so long.
Then in the summer of 07 I was ambushed from two fronts and I fall, OH how bad did I fall.
But it really kind of started when HBP came out but soon I gained my strength back however in early 07 my sister was trying to discover the name of the new and final book then the fifth movie trailers came out, then I finished the school year and work was awful and I was oh so in the need of a good book to read (I guess that's how it usually start searching for something to fill the time fill the void when you can't find a good book).
The book came out and so did the movie, my sister dragged me to both openings and I found myself enjoying them.
Maybe I should have known something was off when I finished the seventh book in less then 48 hours staying late through the night waking up early only stopping to eat drink and well you know... but I was still blind to the effects, then I finished reading and found myself in a need of a good read again, I turned to fanfiction I remembering that years earlier I actually read a couple on the HP fandom and they were pretty good so for the rest of my summer holiday all I saw was fan fiction. I guess that should have been the second sign but once again I was blind to the effects.

Finally the acknowledgment came when I went on a month long journey to find and buy the HP 7th box set. it was a though month trying to decide what was batter the American box set or the adult box set, and then I bought it and everything was pushed aside nothing else mattered not my job not even my studies all my life were pushed aside for Harry potter. I read the first three books in less then one week!
But the true realization hit me in early November when I went in to J.K. site and set for 3.5 hours trying to worked out the puzzles on her site, another hour and half playing games on the Harry potter website and eventually even having my own Mandrake. ManyTheMad I called him, I’m sorry to say he didn’t make, really there’s no need to bow your head. Any way…

So I here by admit:
I Maya, is a Harry Potter addict
And damn proud to be one J
BTW I’m also quite smitten with George Clooney but then again who isn’t?

I also quite enjoy writing fan-fics and after not writing for about 5 years it appears that the Harry potter fandom has once again sparked my desire to write so looked out for my fics hopefully at least two will be out by the end of my school year.
Here is a list on what I’m working on so please be patient. And if you have names ideas for my unnamed stories I would love to hear from you (you of course will receive the credit you deserve) also I’m searching for a beta.

Memoirs of a sorting hat
‘While still alive they did divide their favorites from the throng, 'yet how to pick the worthy ones When they were dead and gone? Taws Gryffindor who found the way, He whipped me off his head the founders put some brains in me so I could choose instead! `
It’s a though job being Hogwarts sorting hat, but some-hat gotta do it.

A yet to be named series
What if Dumbledore had never made it in time for Harry’s hearing on august 12 1995 would Harry had still been found guilty?
His wand broken, expelled from Hogwarts and on Dumbledore orders refused to be allowed and live with Sirius. Left with no choice Harry goes back to private drive But one night everything changes when a stranger makes Harry an offer he simply can’t refuse; a true loving home for the first time since his parents died and a once in a lifetime opportunity to take his education into a new level.
Will Harry take the offer and embark on a new path or will he stay to spend the rest of his life in the muggle world?

The Edge Of Insanity - (working title)
Mere hours after Voldemort has been defeated Harry potter disappear. Everyone is taking it really hard most of all Ginny Weasley.

A yet to be named series
Lily potter has just started her seventh year at Hogwarts. She has been Quidditch captain since her fifth year and much to her parents proud she has been made head girl. She was a modal student and a sure by sure prankster. She has promised her father she will take her duties with honor and seriousness it deserved, she will make the potter name proud. But what will happen when a new young teacher comes to Hogwarts and Lily finds herself falling for him. Will she be able to cope with the dark secret that is his past present and just might be his future? Will her family and most of all her father be able to accept who Richard is?

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Summary: While still alive they did divide Their favorites from the throng, 'Yet how to pick the worthy ones When they were dead and gone? 'Twas Gryffindor who found the way, He whipped me off his head The founders put some brains in me So I could choose instead!` it's a though job being hogwarts sorting hat, but somehat gotta do it.

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